Onatti Theatre June2017 2w

Another Fantastic Performance from the Onatti Theatre Company

Mrs G. Elliott, MFL KS3 Leader, writes:

Onatti Theatre June2017 1wFor the 9th year, the Onatti Theatre Company returned to Stanborough to perform another brilliant play in French, called ‘Shipwrecked In France’, for all the Y8 students. Beforehand, the students were worried that the play was in French and that they wouldn’t understand it, however they were pleasantly surprised as the actors repeated the words in French and in English and the combination of visual antics and repetitions meant that everyone understood enough to engage with the actors. A few students were even lucky enough to join the actors on stage and be part of the show. The play was about a 13 year old English boy on holiday in France. He was enjoying an outing on his dingy when the current took him miles away from his hotel. During his long trek back, he met many characters and had to practise his French to communicate with them. The end result was a great show that students thoroughly enjoyed. This is what the students thought of the play:

’I thought the play was very funny and very enjoyable. Everyone got involved and everyone understood it. It wasn’t too long either.’ Joshua Orwin 8S

‘I thought the play was an amazing experience and I loved how one of the characters spoke English and the other spoke French.’ Ella Griffin 8B

‘The French play was funny and I could understand most of the things they said, they translated it very well. The actors played their roles well, especially the French actress who had a number of roles.’ Grace Beaumont 8B

‘The Onatti Theatre Company was amazing. It really helped me learn more French vocabulary and the play was really funny!’ Charlotte Preston 8K