Applecroft MFL March2017 1

Applecroft Primary School and the MFL Faculty Unite!

Miss R. Siddiqui, Curriculum Leader: Modern Foreign Languages, writes:

For several years now we have been carrying out outreach work at Applecroft, imparting our passion for languages by teaching the Year 6 and Year 5 students. So as part of Applecroft’s Languages week, it made complete sense for Stanborough to get fully involved and share the expertise of our MFL teachers and also our students.

On Monday I took nine of my Year 10 students, who are currently studying for French GCSE, to Applecroft to teach the Year 3 students some basic French topics: Kai Brown and Rory Satterly Hull taught the French alphabet, Louisa Jennings and Alice Wells taught the months, Kono Washio, Priya Desai and Hayden Cable taught pets whilst Leah Meadows and Jamie Routledge taught colours. The Year 3 students were very keen and enthusiastic to learn and the Year 10 students enjoyed teaching them; they now also appreciate how teaching languages is not easy!

On Tuesday, we decided to run a languages morning at Stanborough! All the Year 5 students from Applecroft came to participate in a carousel of 3 different activities run by myself, Mrs Elliott and Mr Persand. I was running the fashion show where the students, with the help of the Year 12 A-Level French students, were encouraged to dress up in some “funky” clothes and then walk down a catwalk while their partner described in French what they were wearing. The Year 5’s loved strutting their stuff and posing while their friend gave a running commentary in French. Mr Persand was in charge of the reading activity. The Year 5 students had to work out what the common fairy tale stories were, looking at the French titles and then matching it to the pictures stuck around the room. Mrs Elliott reinforced the students listening skills as the students watched French adverts and ticked off the words on their vocab list, working out the product being advertised. All in all it was a very successful morning with both teachers and students gaining much from the experience.

On Wednesday I took six of our bilingual students from Year 10 and Year 13 to Applecroft to teach the Year 1’s and Year 2’s about some other languages, together with some general knowledge and cultural information about the countries concerned. Year 13 students Matteo Pocrnja and Filip Szurkiewicz talked about Eastern Europe and taught the students some Serbian expressions. Raymi Libutti gave students insights into Italy and useful Italian expressions and Tayyeb Uddin taught the students how to greet people in Arabic. The Year 10 students, Klaudia Dura and Lisa Makarzicka, informed the students about Poland and Russia respectively. All the students agreed that it had been a fun day and a definite learning experience, offering an insight into the world of teaching. A big thank you to all the Stanborough students involved and the MFL teachers for making this a positive experience and one that we can repeat in the future!

“They were very enthusiastic to learn and we really enjoyed our teaching experience. It has helped us gain confidence for our work experience and the future.” Louisa Jennings 10S & Alice Wells 10O 

“We enjoyed teaching the Year 3 students animals in French.” Kono Washio 10K, Hayden Cable 10A and Priya Desai 10S