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Apprenticeship Bus

Mrs J Adams, Life Skills Leader/Careers, writes: 

As part of National Careers week, the Apprenticeship Bus took pride of place in the school playground last Wednesday morning, despite the wind and rain. Oaklands College brought their interactive double decker bus to the school to promote Apprenticeships to Year 11 students and Sixth Form. The bus was full of educational activities, covering areas such as plumbing, construction, engineering, hairdressing, childcare and electrical. The staff on board not only gave advice on apprenticeships but also full time college courses that run in the local area.

During our morning break, younger students from Years 8 and 9 were encouraged to come on board the bus to use the interactive classrooms to support them in thinking about their futures.

Becky Andrews and Helen Spooner, both Business Development Co-ordinators from Oaklands College, spoke very highly of the students who took part in the event. They stated that Stanborough students had questioned them with a high level of maturity and a keen willingness to learn more so that they could plan for their futures.

“It was a really good idea to have this in school. It’s sometimes difficult to find information, but to put the bus in the playground is great.” Lauren Mizon and Ana Skelton 11B

“It was actually quite cool.” Jake Voutt 11D  

“The Apprenticeship Bus gave a valuable insight into the viable alternatives to university and how it isn’t the only option. At the moment, with university fees increasing as well as the cost of living, apprenticeships, with many including subsidised qualifications, offer much more than they get credit for.” Rhys Jose, Head Boy 13H