Battle of the Bands 2017 1

Battle of the Bands

Mr R. Crann, Music, writes: 

On Friday 23rd June, two bands from Stanborough entered the Welwyn and Hatfield Consortium Schools Battle of the Bands competition. After each school held their own auditions, the best seven bands from across the schools were put forward to the final at Breaks Manor Youth Club. From Stanborough School, we were represented by experience and youth with “Chilli Sensations”, made up of students from Years 11 and 12, and “Bash”, made up entirely of Year 7 students.

The evening featured some incredible performances and featured songs such as Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes and a new composition written by one of the bands from Monks Walk. The audience were shocked and thrilled with some of the individual performances, such as one lead guitarist playing solo guitar first behind his back and then with his teeth!

“Bash”, made up of Jim O’Connor 7K on guitar, Sebastian Hourigan 7O on drums, Joe Johnson 7S on bass guitar and Jack Hadley 7H on vocals, performed My Generation by the Who and Supersonic by Oasis. This second song featured Jim’s incredible guitar solo, which he finished off by lying on the stage, to much cheering.

“Chilli Sensations”, made up of Gabriel Rosario 12A on vocals, Harry Boulton 12S on keyboards and vocals,  Sam Baird 12K on guitar, Harris Nikolaou 12K on guitar, Will Stringer 11K on bass guitar and Alfie Kerr 11K on drums, risked the wrath of the judges by performing three songs, despite the rules allowing for only two songs by each band.  They performed Time is Running Out by Muse and Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. Their defence was that the two Green Day songs appeared on the same album with no break!

After some very close judging and docked points for Chilli Sensations, the audience were asked to help with their opinion. The clear audience favourites, with a slimmer margin than should have been the case, were Chilli Sensations. In third place, with their competition debut, were Bash and again this proved very popular with both the audience and judges. The winners won a recording day at a local recording studio.

Well done to all the performers who entered and thanks to all of the parents and staff who attended the event to support our bands.