Charity Fundraising Update on 2016-2017 for Herts Young Homeless (HYH)

HYH Chequew

Mr T. Braybrook, Deputy Headteacher, writes: 

As ever, it has been a busy year of fundraising for our chosen school charity of Herts Young Homeless. The year began with Alison Wildey from the charity speaking to all our students in assemblies about the work that HYH do. I think for many students (and staff) it was a real eye opener to hear about the issue of homelessness in Hertfordshire and the various forms it takes.

We then moved swiftly on to the big event of the year – Run for Stanborough. We were lucky with the weather, yet again, as the assembled masses ran/walked around Stanborough Lakes. The most successful ever set of stalls, games and ‘challenges’ were organised by the older students for the return of the runners/walkers. In total, the event raised over £5000 and was a roaring success.

Christmas saw another flurry of activity.; the annual ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ (that raised £800) and the highly entertaining carol concert, organised by the music department, Christmas hat sales by Mrs Wilding and a Christmas themed cake sale saw another £520 being raised.

Along with a number of smaller events, the year finished off with a highly successful Festival on the Field. The field was packed with things to do and stalls to spend money on. We had live music, wipeout and pillow fight games and lots of visiting organisations, Sumo wrestling and a wide variety of sweets, gifts and interesting products produced by the Year 10 business students. A good time was had by all and in total £412.75 was raised.

We are also very pleased this year that the Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge has also significantly contributed to our fundraising. The Dragon’s Apprentice challenge offers Year 12 business students the opportunity to set up and run a business, gain organisational and job related skills and learn about the work and beneficiaries of their chosen Charity (HYH) Between October and March students take up the challenge to raise as much money as possible whilst also raising awareness of the charity. Students have to prepare a plan stating what their business idea is and how they aim to reach their target.

There is an opportunity during the challenge to be questioned by a panel of judges and also at the end there is a final presentation, again to a panel of judges, showcasing their journey from start to finish. This year students raised £2874.73 by running a number of events over the year. This included:

  • Starbucks coffee stall – Starbucks donated coffee and Simmons donated cups to enable students to sell coffee at the annual Run for Stanborough
  • Local Primary school Christmas fetes – students produced hand-made products, such as candy canes and ran various creative arts and crafts stalls
  • Dickensian Evening in Ware
  • Hatfield Light Switch on Stall/Christmas Market – students held a Tombola with prizes donated from various businesses.
  • In-school Tuck shop – students purchased from a wholesaler snacks and drinks to sell to our sixth form
  • Pay point – Bake Sale – Following a successful meeting with Paypoint staff held at our school students agreed on hosting a bake sale. Through baking, donations and shop bought cakes from team members and staff at Paypoint collaboratively working, students were able to raise awareness and money for HYH
  • In-school Bake Sale – This was a part of a Christmas event. Students volunteered to bake cakes and all proceeds from the cake sale went to HYH
  • Winter Carol Concert (held at our local church) – students held a Tombola with prizes donated from various businesses
  • Raffle tickets sold at all events and to friends/family – these were sold between every event
  • Lister Hospital – students hosted a ‘Name the Bear’ activity for staff and visitors at the visitor reception
  • Valentines Roses Sale – Selling donated roses from Morrisons to staff and students in school, adding value to our products through offering personalized messages and chocolates for an additional fee
  • Waitrose green token donation – At the end of a customer’s shop in branch, they received a token to place in a box of the good cause they’d most like to support (the more tokens the more money). Students secured a box for HYH which enabled them to raise awareness of HYH in the local community and at the same time raise money.In-school Bake Sale – This was a part of a Christmas event. Students volunteered to bake cakes and all proceeds from the cake sale went to HYH

This was a magnificent effort from the students involved and Mrs Ahmad.

So, another successful year with over £10,042.69 raised for HYH and students are now a lot more aware of the issue of homelessness in our local area. It was great to see Alison again in the final assemblies as she thanked the students for their hard work and informed them about what the money would be spent on.