Dragons Apprentice Challenge March 2018 3

Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge Success

Mrs  E. Ahmad, Student Career and Enterprise Leader, writes: 

Success for some may mean making lots of money, or winning an award but for this year’s Dragons’ Apprentice challenge success was much more than this.

The Dragons’ Apprentice challenge aim was to raise money for their allocated charity (Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline) through the guidance of their business mentors (PayPoint). Students met weekly and gave up their free time in the evenings and weekends to organise and attend planned events showing determination and dedication.

On Friday 23rd March 2018, the Stanborough Saints team were invited to attend the Barclays HQ office in Canary Wharf and were given the opportunity to showcase their efforts throughout the year to a panel of Super Dragons. They were there to hear what the teams have done and what they had learnt.

Our students this year individually have developed through this journey. Their efforts and abilities determined their success and any failures they faced rather than giving up they used them as an opportunity to learn and develop.  They overcame fears of speaking to large audiences through their planned quiz night, developed team working skills with people they were unfamiliar with through their Bunnings sausage sizzler event and understood and practised communicating with various people through the planning and running of other events ranging from Tesco bag packing, attendance at the Dickensian Ware Christmas fair, Starbucks coffee stall and Waitrose green token scheme. Throughout all their events they maintained fantastic communication and cooperation with their dragon and Charity.

A big thank you to George Hammond and James King from PayPoint and our charity Volunteer Fundraiser Mr Kevin Bates for their continued support, guidance and belief in our students.

“It was a great insight into the apprenticeship opportunities at Barclays.” Scott Boyd

“It was a great learning experience as I had to learn and use a variety of new skills which I’m sure will be helpful in my future career path.” Nathan Curtis

“This challenge has been a great journey, many learning opportunities along the way, to strive to be the best we can be.” Arfahna Alom

“This challenge has been a good experience and has allowed me to broaden my skills and my abilities to work in a team and be work ready!” Tobey Foskett 

“I am proud of us as a team and the challenges that we have overcome and the achievements we have had. I have learnt how to organise an event and work as a team. I really enjoyed doing it and it will help me in the future with the skill I have learnt .”Patsy Smith