Dragons Apprentice 2017

Dragons Apprentice Challenge Success

Mrs E. Ahmad, Student Career Pathways, Vocational Education and Enterprise Leader, Business Teacher, writes: 

Success for some may mean making lots of money, or winning an award but for this year’s Dragons Apprentice students, success was that and a whole host of other individual achievements.

The challenge was to raise money for their charity (Herts Young Homeless) through the guidance of their business mentor (G&J plumbing and heating). Students met weekly and gave up their free time in the evenings and weekends to attend planned events, showing determination and dedication.

The evening of Thursday 30th March saw teams from across a variety of schools and colleges come together to showcase their journey throughout the challenge, with a presentation to a panel of judges, WHT newspaper, a local radio station, other schools and various employers and charities.

This year, our individual students have really developed as a result of taking part in this challenge. Their efforts and abilities determined their success and any failures they faced were seen as an opportunity to learn and develop rather than a reason to give up. They overcame fears of speaking on stage to large audiences, developed team working skills with people they were unfamiliar with and understood and practised communicating with various people through the planning and running of events. To recognise their efforts and their achievements throughout the challenge, Stanborough students were presented with a winner’s trophy for the best example of cooperation with their dragon and charity.

Arfahna (12O)

‘I found this whole experience enjoyable. I learnt the importance of communication and how to work in a team’

Caitlyn (12)

‘I have learnt skills and qualities having had to work with different people and have become more confident in myself and my abilities’

Jamal (12B)

‘This challenge has given me the opportunity to gain many valuable skills that are necessary for the world of work. I am grateful for that and the experiences that came with taking part in this challenge’

Team members: Arfahna, Caitlyn, Jamal, Matt, Cassie, Indre