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Futures Fair 2017

Mrs E. Ahmad, Student Career Pathways, Vocational Education and Enterprise Leader, writes:

This year’s ‘Futures Fair’ was packed with careers inspiration for students to help them to discover the different types careers that exist in today’s workplace.

We had local, national and global businesses offering an insight into educational routes into their sector, explaining the different types of roles that exist and the skills and attributes needed to pursue them.

Apprenticeship, training and education providers gave advice on further education, post year 11 pathways and 6th form routes.

Where specific industry representation did not meet the needs of the student, we had recruitment agencies, advice providers and representation from online career search organisations on hand to offer a more tailored service.

Throughout the day, students were able to meet and hear from industry professionals to get an insider’s view on the world of work, which was both eye opening and inspiring.

For those who were feeling really brave, they had the opportunity to discuss a career in animal care whilst holding a snake!

STEM subjects were also represented, not only through the employers that attended but with advice from our very own subject teachers, on hand to discuss careers within these subjects, break down gender stereotypes in STEM careers and test students’ knowledge through interactive activities (see the article overleaf for further details).

It was fantastic to welcome back three alumni students: Jack Sheldrake (Land & Building Surveyor at Terrain Surveys), Michael Doyle (Business Apprentice at MBDA) and Abbi Gilling (Operations Project Manager at Paypoint) and see how successful they are now in their roles. They inspired and motivated our current students and we wish them all the best in their careers.

A big thank you to all those who participated. To see more pictures from the event and keep updated with careers news, events and job/apprenticeship opportunities follow us on Twitter @Post16Stanborough

“This has been very helpful, it has allowed me to further discuss my options for after Year 11”. Daniel Paget, 10K

“It has been a very interesting day, I have had the opportunity to find out about different jobs I have not come across before”. Caitlin MacIver, 10K

STEM at the Futures Fair

Mrs K. Coldwell, STEM Leader: Mathematics, writes:

Futures Fair Feb2017 STEMOn Monday 27th February, the school hall was packed with prospective employers and further education providers as well as students eager to find out what they had to offer. In addition, representatives from Stanborough’s Science, Design & Technology, IT & Computing and Maths departments were on hand to reinforce the importance of STEM subjects for future education and employability. Interactive demonstrations such as the physics of roller coaster design brought the subjects to life and teachers from each of the departments made themselves available to discuss qualifications and career opportunities in STEM subjects.

Over 180 students took part in an experiment on the phenomenon known as the “wisdom of the crowd.” Students were asked to guess the number of jelly beans in a large jar. Some took a very mathematical approach, estimating the dimensions of the jar and the mass and volume of individual jelly beans, while others plucked a number from the air. Most guesses were at least 100 away from the true number of jelly beans, yet the average of all the guesses was within 25 of the actual number at one point in the day. So the collective wisdom of the group was much more accurate than the individual guesses. Having said that, Grace Beaumont (8B) and Abbie Frost (8O) were very close indeed and each won a bag of jelly beans for being just one away from the actual number of 341.