Iceland2017 7

Iceland Trip 2017



Bethan Makowski (9S) and Thomas Miles (9S) write:

On Thursday 23rd of February, 12 students and two staff got up very early to be at the airport for 5.30am to embark on a trip to Iceland. After going through security, priorities differed with the girls running off for perfume and make-up whilst the boys just focussed on food.

We had a bumpy take-off due to Storm Doris but quickly flew to Iceland. Once we were off the plane, we went to the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Outside of the pool it was freezing but inside it was lovely and warm with steam baths and clay face masks. After that we went to the bridge over the Mid-Atlantic ridge were the North American and Eurasian plates meet. We were able to message home to say we were in North America.

The second day was spent in Reykjavik. It was very cold and windy but we saw the cathedral, sculpture gallery, the volcano house and went for another swim in an indoor pool with lovely hot tubs.

Saturday was a very busy day; we visited a geothermal power plant first of all to learn about how Iceland uses heat under the earth for hot water and electricity. We then visited Gulfoss Waterfall. It was a breath-taking sight that looked like something out of a film and a hot chocolate was then needed to warm up! The next stop was a geyser, we waited a long time to video Strokkur going off but no video is the same as seeing it in real life. We finished the day with the National Park where original Icelandic settlers would hold their meetings. That evening, we got to go to a geothermal heated pool with slides.

Unfortunately, Sunday didn’t go quite to plan… as we were snowed in! The deepest snow in Reykjavik since 1937! We missed out on our tour but we did get to play around in the snow and eventually in the afternoon the roads were clear enough to visit the Viking and whale museums. We travelled through a maze of snow to reach a black sand beach which gave us a picturesque photo opportunity. Finally, an Icelandic delicacy in the evening – roasted lamb marinated in blueberries. It was delicious!

Sadly, we said goodbye to Iceland on Monday and by Tuesday we all wished we were back in the Blue Lagoon.

‘Iceland was an amazing experience! The snow was amazing. I felt like a walking snowman after trying to roll down a 3ft snow filled slope’. Joshua Noble (9H)

‘We went to the Mid-Atlantic ridge where we were able to walk between the North American and Eurasian plates’. Adam Richards (9H)