Photography Workshop June2017 5w

Photography Workshop

Miss A. Barnard, Subject Leader: Art, writes;

On Tuesday 27th June, Year 7 and 8 art students were invited to a workshop lead by a professional wildlife photographer called Iain Green. Students explored a variety of exciting and creative techniques, including backdrop photography, forced perspective and framing. We were also fortunate to get hands on with professional SLR cameras and develop our technical skill set to explore aperture and shutter speed. Iain captured the students from the start with his extensive photography experience and melted the hearts of us all with some of his beautiful wildlife images. Students had a 1 hour session, each using compact cameras and SLR’s to complete their photography challenge checklist. We all had a fantastic time exploring the surroundings of Stanborough Park before the weather decided to turn! Nevertheless it did not hold us back and students took the opportunity to explore the visual aftermath of the down pour using their camera. All students involved were a credit to the school and we would like to thank Iain Green for such an inspirational day! One thing he left us to reflect upon was the realisation of how beautiful something can be if you truly take the time to see it!

“On the photography workshop I enjoyed using the SLR cameras as it took amazing photographs! Although the weather was not too good, it didn’t matter because you had more opportunities to incorporate them in to your photographs. The workshop helped me to learn more about photography whilst having fun taking pictures.” Ellie McDonald 8B

“The workshop was a great opportunity and a fantastic experience. It showed us how to look at things differently and how to be more creative. Also it was a great inspiration.” Millie Neighbour 8K

“Even though the weather turned, it gave us amazing opportunities to capture photographs of water droplets and sheltered nature. With the SLR cameras we learnt about white balance and aperture. The SLR cameras are able to capture a lot of detail in the smallest things.” Nicole Williams 8A