Shower Rangers Award 1 June2017

Stanborough’s Shower Rangers – Winner of Best Campaign

Miss R. Hooper, Curriculum Leader: Science, writes: 

On Wednesday 7th June, Stanborough students, under the team name Shower Rangers, went to the Fielder Centre in Hatfield to present the work they have been doing to reduce water wastage for Affinity Water’s challenge.

The day started with plenty of food to energise the team. They were then taken to the conference room where they received a presentation from Dr James O’Jenkins, Associate Dean, International School of Life and Medical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire, who highlighted the global issue of water scarcity.

After a short break it was the turn of the students to present their work to four expert judges and competitors from four other schools. The students showed real nerve by standing in front of so many people and explaining all the hard work they had done in school to campaign to reduce water wastage and their design of a water saving shower device.

The judges were rightly impressed with the campaign which consisted of posters, form promotion, a YouTube channel, website and promotion in the Stanborough Times. The campaign proved highly effective in causing students to consider water usage and lead to an average saving of 17litres of water per student, per day (over 100 litres a week). Such a feat won them the category of ‘Best Campaign’ where they were presented a certificate from retired Mayor of Welwyn and Hatfield, Cllr Patricia Mabbott.

The day was not all work. The team were able to play some water saving games and even managed to have a go using a virtual reality headset, all aiming at promoting water saving.

The team gained a lot from participating in the project:

‘I have learnt that water will be a problem sooner than people think.’ Ellis Hayes 7B 

‘I enjoyed the games after lunch because they were really fun and I won Bingo (after many attempts). Ania Christian 7S 

‘I enjoyed playing Bingo with the retired mayor’. Holly Clayton 7S 

‘I enjoyed sharing our presentation with other schools and the judges. I was proud of the team when we won “Best Campaign’’. Emma Hudson 7S 

‘I really liked playing Bingo with my friends and the retired mayor. Our team worked really well and we then won Best Campaign. Yay! I loved the biscuits at break. They were yum’. Isabella Litchfield Gomes 7S 

‘I enjoyed looking at the virtual reality with the different locations. It was funny watching others doing it’. Lauren Ellerd-Elliott 7S