DofE Bronze Canoeing 2019 Practice 7w

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Canoe Training

Miss Bowen, RE, Philosophy & Ethics Teacher, writes:

Last weekend a group of Year 10s completed their Duke of Edinburgh Canoe training ready for them to complete their Canoeing Expedition in a few weeks’ time.

On the first day of training the students got to grips with handling the canoes and working in pairs on how to control and navigate the canoe. They also had to start thinking about the real expedition, so they had to plan the different meals and snacks they would need and what food would be suitable to be carried, cooked as well as keeping their energy up.

The second day was much more vigorous with lots of canoe training as well as the students getting in the water and learning what to do if someone fell into the water or if their canoe got over turned. The students also experienced cooking on a trangia stove for the first time, cooking pasta for lunch seemed to be a firm favourite for most students. The students also had the experience of putting up the tents they would be using for sleeping in. Finally, the students had to plan their route and stopping points on their route cards which they will be using for the actual expedition.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend of training even though the students did get a little bit wet at times.