Work Experience2017 3

Year 10 Work Experience Success

Mrs E. Ahmad, Student Career Pathways, Vocational Education and Enterprise Leader, Business, writes:

On Monday 20th March, students embarked on their one week work experience placement. Work experience provided students with a first-hand experience of what is needed to do well in a job and time outside the classroom allowed students to learn about a particular job or area of work. During their placement, students were able to find out what skills employers look for when they’re hiring someone to fill a job vacancy. They were also given the chance to develop their self-confidence and communication skills, increase their knowledge and understanding of the world of work & find out about their strengths and how they can improve their skills and abilities. This will help them to work better with other people in further or higher education, as well as in their future career.

Student Comments:

Lisa Makarzicka (10B) at ED&F Man ‘I enjoyed learning about the business, the contracts they have and how the business operates. I learnt about different sugar grades and how this effects price when trading’

Katie Hannah (10O) at HCC Welwyn Garden City library ‘Absolutely loved working there. Everyone has been so helpful and I feel I have developed so many key skills’ 

Sophie Reid (10A) at Royal Bank of Scotland ‘I got to experience a range of roles in the RBS cooperation. I learnt a lot being in a head office and am really glad I got the opportunity to go’

Daniel Paget (10K) at Wyllyotts Theatre and Green Lanes Primary School ‘I was lucky enough to attend two work placements. I found the experience of teaching some students with learning difficulties extremely rewarding and the students I helped really engaged with me and found I made a positive difference’

Employer comments:

CEX Galleria ‘Jahdel Figaro (10B) is very polite, listens intently, taking everything in and accepts feedback and adapts straight away’

Raybrook Farm Livery ‘Kai Brown (10H) listens well, is polite and able to follow instructions given independently.’

Pizza Express ‘Jasmin Osborn (10S) help set tables and prepare drinks. She’s a lovely girl, with a great attitude. She fitted in well with the team. I’d give her a glowing reference’

Hob Salon ‘Alfie Parker (10S) is hard working, positive, engaging and smiley. He wasn’t scared of how busy it got towards the end of the week. Brilliant and helpful, getting stuck in. He was part of the team, fitted in really well’

KP Waste Ltd ‘We couldn’t have wished for a better student and would offer her a job in the summer, well done Molly Monger (10H)’ 

Sandpit Theatre ‘Mariama Barrie (10S) was dressed appropriately and worked well with members of the public. She was absolutely brilliant, shining example for the school. We couldn’t have asked for better’