Art Trip Graffik London June 2018 2

Year 9 Students Visit Graffik Gallery in London

Miss A. Barnard, Subject leader: Art, writes:

On June 5th 2018, Year 9 GCSE Art students took a trip to London to visit GRAFFIK gallery on Portobello Road. Renowned for its gallery and exhibition of famous Street Art ranging from the work of Banksy to Shepard Fairey, students were also given the opportunity to take part in a behind the scenes graffiti workshop. Firstly, students were given head to toe overalls and a safety tutorial before a demonstration lead by professional street artists on different spray painting techniques. The group then designed their own stencil using a scalpel to cut out the finer detail then sprayed to their own personal canvas using different layering techniques. Students were also given the opportunity to spray paint the graffiti wall out back before some group photos of the fantastic work produced. The students had an inspirational time and thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of new media and materials.

“The artists that led the workshop were really helpful with the design process and inspired us with their expertise and knowledge.”
Haseeb Choudhry

“The graffiti workshop was a really good experience and I learnt how to create stencils and layer them together to create interesting effects.”
Louis Cusack