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Staff vs Student Charity Match

CSLA Group: Carlo Fucchi, Liam Cripps, Dylan Price, Becci Harrison, Erica Bridgewater, Emma Horsley, Louise Stokes, write:

On Thursday 24th May, the CSLA group organised a charity Staff vs Students football match to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. There were 14 teachers taking part and 11 Year 12s in the team. In true professional style, all players entered the pitch to the music of the Champions League Final. The crowds were cheering and the fans were screaming. There was also an amazing pick ‘n mix stall, an inflatable dinosaur mascot (thanks to Miss Smith), a great DJ and commentator.

After the captains had exchanged competitive looks, the match started tentatively with both teams trying to get the edge over the other. After a number of forceful exchanges and tackles, including Nathan Curtis sending Mr Marston flying, and some fine defensive headers from Matthew Harrington, the first half ended 0-0.

A brutal team talk at half time meant that both teams came out fighting. The second half started with the young prodigy, Captain Carlo Fucchi, pulling out a drag-back nutmeg on Mr Benzid as the fans went wild. The students won a free kick on the half-way line and Fucchi crossed into the box for a superb headed finish by the lethal striker Liam Cripps. Deadlock was broken.

Eventually, after a long ball from Miss Bowen into the box, a shot was blocked but a controversial handball was given. PENALTY FOR THE STAFF! Mr Marston, turned penalty superstar, scored the equaliser with perfection and panache.

The staff were tiring and the students were pushing for the vital goal, however they could not find it. The game ended 1-1, which called for penalties to be the decider in a best of three format. Mr Maidment stepped up for the first staff penalty and clicked his way to victory. Dylan Price, known as the penalty king, scored the students’ first penalty. Mr Benzid was called upon for the next penalty but was denied when his lacklustre penalty was denied by the flying Scotsman, Matthew McNamara. Ethan Greenaway for the students stepped up and finished with aplomb.

After finishing the sensational penalty to level the scores in the match, it was only right that the teachers’ hero, Mr Marston, was next to take their vital penalty. If he scored, they would level the scores. If he missed, the students would reign supreme. In an attempt to recreate the success he found during the game, he ran up and fired, only to be denied by the heroic keeper McNamara, securing victory for the students.

Celebrations continued into the changing rooms as the students prevailed victors on this historic day in which over £150 was raised for a good cause.

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