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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Stanborough School is pleased to offer students the opportunity to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award in Bronze, Silver and Gold at school. The DofE Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities designed to support the personal and social development of young people, regardless of gender, background or ability. It offers a one off challenge and encourages students to try or improve their ability in exciting, challenging and enjoyable activities in their free time.

The scheme is supported at Stanborough School by a team of volunteers who meet the students on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept motivated and on track whilst they are completing their DofE Bronze Award. The students are organised in expedition groups and they need to demonstrate they can work as a team to achieve their goal.

About Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Stanborough School is a great adventure from start to finish. Whilst doing the Award, students will make new friends and discover talents that they didn’t know they had; the benefits will stay with them for the rest of their life. They will help people in the community, get fitter, develop skills and go on an expedition. During the completion of this Award, they will need to take greater responsibilities for their own lives and they will gain skills, confidence and a qualification that employers, colleges and universities are looking for.

The Award is made up of four sections: physical, skills, volunteering and the expedition. There are three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The different levels demand an increasing amount of commitment and responsibility. Check the requirements of the different levels on the DofE website.