Stanborough Times 15/11/19

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Behaviour and Reward Points

Mrs E Daplyn, Assistant Headteacher writes:

Behaviour and Rewards Ladder 2019 2020We are extremely pleased to see how many students are receiving reward points this year. The pie chart shows the number of reward points verses negative points awarded to students so far this year. As you are aware, we listened to the feedback from staff, students and parents and increased the value of our reward points. We also added in a separate award worth 50 points for all those who achieve a Headteacher’s Award each week.

It’s great to see how many students have only positive awards and no negatives, and the numbers of reward points accumulated, We have some students who have gained nearly 1,000 points so far this year!

We will continue to reward students this term and at the end of term assembly which takes place on the last day of term.

A reminder of the behaviour ladder is to the right. If you would like more information the behaviour policy, including details of the behaviour ladder, is available on the school website.

Behaviour and Reward Points for all Year 7 to 13 Students from Sept. 2019 to Present

November reward points 2019w




Christmas Fayre 2019 snip

Christmas Fayre

Christmas Fayre 2019

Lemsford WW1 1w

Presentation of Lemsford First World War Book

Mr Braybrook, Deputy Headteacher, writes:

Lemsford WW1 2Following on from our Remembrance Day Event, Andy Chapman from the Lemsford Local History Group came in to present the school with its own copy of ‘Lest we forget – The story of Lemsford parish, 1913-1919’.  The book outlines the details of all those from the Lemsford parish who gave their lives during the great war.  It is a fascinating social history that really brings home the sacrifice made by so many during World War One.

Our Remembrance Day Service

On Monday 11th November, at 11am all staff and students gathered to honour the sacrifice of our Armed Forces community, the British and Commonwealth veterans, the Allies that fought alongside us and the civilian servicemen and women involved in the two World Wars and later conflicts. We must not forget.

Remembrance 2019 2w

Remembrance 2019 1w


Canteen 2019 1

News from the Canteen

Hertfordshire Catering writes:

From the 4th of November 2019 our Homestyle Meal of The Day Winter/Spring menu has been launched in our canteen.  Menu choices are shown below and are available on the school website.

Our Food Development department work very hard to control costs and reduce the need for price increases however to maintain the level of quality of products used a small increase has been implemented.

The current price for the meal of the day is £2.45 or £2.00 for the main meal only.  Meal of the Day comprising of main meal and dessert will increase in price from the 1st January 2020.  The price will increase by 5p from £2.45 to £2.50 and the Main Meal Only will increase from £2.00 to £2.05.

Our Meal of the Day option includes a choice of either a meat or vegetarian meal with two seasonal vegetables and a selection of hot and cold desserts.  Many of our drinks are no longer supplied in plastic bottles but in cans.  We will therefore now be allowing cans in school but the school policy still stands with no fizzy drinks allowable.

Information about school meals can be found on our School Meals page


House Dance 2019 113w

House Dance 2019

Porsche Oct19 2w

Business Students meet Porsche Business Manager

Mr Sinclair, Teacher of Business, writes:

Porsche Oct19 1wOn the 14th and 16th October 2019 both Year 9 and Year 12 Business students were privileged to receive a presentation from Dan Jones, the business manager at the local Porsche centre in Hatfield. Dan spent 45 minutes each time delivering information on Porsche’s sales turnover, demand and supply and the dynamic nature of the market that they operate in. This guest speaker truly brought Business to life and allowed students to put their theory into Business context. Most exciting was the news that Dan was going to Barcelona this week to launch the new all electric car; the Teycan 4s!

“I thoroughly enjoyed having Dan come in to see us as he taught us a lot about the risks and rewards that they took. I especially loved having him in as I love cars and really love Porsche.”  Alex O’Carroll, 9O

 “I really enjoyed listening to the guest speaker from Porsche. I was able to understand a different aspect of the business world”.  Archie Bell, 9H

 “It’s always lovely to have guest speakers from various industries as this really brings home to students how applicable the business theory they are learning is. Dan was particularly inspirational, it was clear from his delivery how passionate he was about his job. Our students were fully captivated and could have asked Dan questions all day!”  Mrs Ramsamy


Engineering Education Scheme 2019w

Engineering Education Scheme

Mrs K Coldwell, STEM Leader: Mathematics, writes:

A group of six Year 12 students from Stanborough have been invited to take part in a six-month project run by the Engineering Development Trust. The Engineering Education Scheme links up teams of students with local companies to work on real-life, scientific, engineering and technology projects.

Josephine Clayton, Sean Davies, Charlie Earnshaw, Jack Hamer, Aaron Johnson and Jason Nwokeji attended the launch of the scheme last week and had the opportunity to meet their team mentor, a highways engineer who works for Hertfordshire County Council. They also learned about the project they will be working on which relates to electric vehicles of all varieties, from scooters to cars to trains to airplanes.

The highlight of the morning was probably the team-building exercise, though, which Stanborough won for the first time in its association with the Engineering Education Scheme. The team designed the marble

roller-coaster which kept the marble moving for the longest out of the nine teams at the launch, while keeping within the constraints of materials and time. But it was very nearly the opposite result as the marble went missing for a time during the construction and this would have resulted in disqualification if it had not been found!

Spy Missions 2019 4w

Year 7 Spy Missions Adventure

Mr A Martin, Year 7 Deputy Leader, writes:

During the course of last week, Year 7 students visited the Spy Missions centre in Milton Keynes, where they were able to work in groups to solve mathematical problems. These problems weaved themselves into a spy mission, which each group had to tackle. This included climbing through ventilation shafts and dodging laser beams  between each puzzle room.

Everyone had a great time, here are some quotes from some of the students:

“It made me feel like a proper spy.”

“Spy missions was one of the best trips I’ve been on.”

“I liked all the fun activities.”

“We had to stop a missile from launching into London.”

“I loved the assault course and the slide at the end.”

“The escape room was the best.”

“The best part was dodging the lasers.”

Spy Missions 2019 12w