Y7 PGL 17w

PGL Liddington Trip Year 7

Mrs A .Wrangles, Year 7 Deputy Year Leader (7 Knebworth Tutor), writes: 

On Friday 5th May, Year 7 students travelled to Wiltshire for a four day action packed weekend at PGL Liddington.  After an early start, we arrived in time for lunch and a quick break before heading off on activities.  Some students headed off to canoeing and raft building, where some were more successful than others. SPLASH! Others conquered their fears on zip wire and trapeze.

After being well fed in the evening, we were thoroughly entertained by the PGL staff at wacky races before crashing, exhausted, into bed.

The weekend encouraged the students to work as a team to conquer both the vertical and the crate challenge before turning their hand to shelter building and survivor skills. This was followed by evening games and the task to protect their water bomb.

The following day was just as busy with a scream from Mr Crann as he had his turn on the giant swing. We then has the quest to find the fencing champion. Who would have thought we would still have the energy to dance the night away at the evening disco!

As Monday morning arrived we were sad to pack up and go but not before a quick bounce at aeroball and a few team games.  A thoroughly enjoyable weekend for both staff and students.

Kyle Russouw 7K “ I really enjoyed it because the activities were fun and the instructors were nice.  My favourite activity was the giant swing as they put you up really high,  you then had to pull the chord to release yourself, which was scary and fun at the same time.”

Charlotte Delhanty 7O “PGL  was so fun as we got to try loads of activities that were challenging and different. Lots of people conquered their fears. My favourite activity was the big swing and a close second was the vertical challenge as you got to go really high on both of them.”

Tom Smith 7S “When we were told about the trip to PGL in Year 7, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go as I am scared of heights. After a bit of thinking I decided to go, even if it meant not going to the top or just cheering my team on….well I never would have thought it, but I did the giant swing, vertical challenge and the trapeze! The whole trip made me happy that I went and if anyone has any doubt (like I had) about going, I would strongly recommend it. It boosted my confidence and was great fun.”