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Bronze Success

During the months of March, April, June and July, 80 students from the current Year 11 and Year 12 completed their expedition section successfully over four weekends. It was a challenge to have so many students doing their expeditions but their impeccable behaviour and resilience enabled them to pass. They had to prepare their routes and decide the aim of the expedition, which can be identifying trees/plants or studying the effects of the expedition on the body. To do this, they had to demonstrate leadership skills and teamwork before and during the expeditions.

Congratulations to the 24 students who have now completed their DofE awards:

Year 11: Louisa Jennings, Thomas Gray, Jack Reed, Caitlin Maciver, Martha Budge, Lucy Thompson, Allyna Farrell, Ryan Halfhide, Sarah Thompson, Jack Joyce, Francesca Hall, Harry Cross, Mariama Barrie.

Year 12 (including Year 11 leavers) : Joe Davis, Poppy Humphries, Willow Cook, Callum Elliott, Alex Knight, Tanya Enerst, Louise Stokes, Chimezie Wachuku, Jake McDonald, Jessica Elsley, Kevin Hannah.

The rest of the students are in the process of uploading their evidence and assessor’s reports on eDofE to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. This is a great achievement as the award requires a lot of self-motivation but the participants’ hard-work and dedication saw them through. Thank you to all the leaders at Stanborough and other teachers who have contributed to their success by being their assessors.

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