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Student Success

July 2019 Update

Gold Success

Our Year 12/13 Gold group participants have completed their gold expedition training and practice expedition successfully. They have walked in Hope Valley in the Dark Peaks to practice their map reading and navigating skills in wild country, facing the challenges of terrains and the heavy rucksacks. They worked as a group to face all the elements thrown at them and are now ready for the qualifying expedition on the 20th to 23rd July in the Brecon Beacons.

Bronze Success

Canoeing Expedition:

Congratulations to our Year 10 Bronze participants who have completed their Bronze canoeing qualifying expedition on the 22nd and 23rd June.  The expedition was organised by our approved
activity provider, Stanborough Park Activity Centre, who trained and assessed the expedition. They received training for this expedition on the 9th and 10th June. The qualifying expedition was from Bedford to Huntingdon and they camped in St Neots, by the river. During both expeditions, they learnt to cope with locks, other boats and discovered some stunning sites by the riverside. The weather was brilliant for such an expedition and the students had a fantastic time.  They even had time for a swim!

Walking Expedition:

Our 55 Year 10 Walking participants are preparing their Qualifying Expedition around Broxbourne area. Each group has prepared their route, the aim they need to study during the expedition and meal plans. They have trained for this expedition on the 11th and 12th May and are ready to complete the expedition on the 12th and 13th July.

A big thank you to Miss Bowen and Ms Bradbury for their invaluable assistance!