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  • Snapshots

    Don’t just take our word on how great Stanborough School is. Here are some snapshots of students, staff and governors.


Since starting at Stanborough I have learnt a lot. My favourite subjects are history, PE and English and I really like the teachers of these subjects.

Aiden Year 7

I have enjoyed new opportunities at Stanborough such as being in the production of Oklahoma and making products in technology lessons especially a wooden pencil case where I used the Computer Controlled Router.

ImaniYear 7

I am in the school football team and I enjoy playing against other schools in tournaments. Because of my enjoyment of sports I have chosen to do GCSE PE as one of my options next year.

AlexYear 8

The two options I am most looking forward to doing next year are drama and child play and development. I like acting and also help to look after younger relatives so these options will be useful.

Ashlea Year 8

I enjoy playing the drums and I have played in all the House Music Concerts since Year 7. It’s fun performing in front of my friends and family.

Junayd Year 9

I have enjoyed my first year of GCSE studies. The subject I have enjoyed the most is History because it has been informative and amusing because of the very interactive lessons I have with Mrs Heath.

Allyna Year 9

I am looking forward to Year 11 and I am confident that with hard work and good revision I should do well in my exams next at Stanborough and I have led a Year 7 Dance Club and helped them to produce a dance piece for a school production.  This helped my leadership skills and my choreographic abilities.

Tatiana Year 10

I am looking forward to making decisions next year about my future. I recently went on a College Taster day and enjoyed experiencing the Electrical Installation and Plumbing sessions. I think this is the route that I will probably take.

SidYear 10

Stanborough school has not only helped me progress and make bold steps towards my academic aspirations, but has also helped my progress as a person. Some of my greatest achievements have been as a result of the opportunities Stanborough has presented me.

NicolaYear 11

I have been well prepared for my exams in Year 11 and the teachers have been very supportive. I have also enjoyed being a Prefect and this has undoubtedly helped me develop my leadership skills.

Karthik Year 11

I enjoy being in the Sixth Form because it gives you a chance to study the subjects that you really enjoy in greater depth. You also get many other opportunities. I really like doing in-class support for a Year 7 French group. I can use my French skills to help students that haven’t been studying the language for very long.

AmyYear 12

Being in the Sixth Form gives you the chance to work more independently. Biology is my favourite subject, it’s great to learn how things work on a molecular level. At the Run for Stanborough event I helped organise a popcorn and chocolate fountain stall that raised over £150 towards the school charity.

AlexYear 12
Mr A Green

Stanborough provides high quality training and professional development for all our staff. Inspiring and innovative staff help create and develop high achieving students. I am proud of the work our staff do and the lengths they go to, to ensure the best outcomes for our students.

Mr A GreenAssistant Headteacher
Mrs L Fox

Students who have excellent literacy skills thrive and succeed in both school and in life. At Stanborough, we believe that literacy is at the heart of learning and strive to enhance the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of learners across all subjects.

Mrs L Fox Literacy Leader
Miss A Wrangles

Being KS3 Coordinator for mathematics is all about ensuring our students are provided with a quality learning experience throughout Years 7 and 8. It is important all our students have a good understanding of a variety of mathematical concepts which is possible through the delivery of an innovative and engaging curriculum.

Miss A Wrangles KS3 Leader, Mathematics & Year Leader
Ms M Wilding

Student Liaison involves acting as a first contact for all of the students’ needs, no matter how small. It means there’s a dedicated reception area for students where I am able to offer support, pastoral care or just sympathetic ear! Our students are the core of our school so it’s important that they know they have someone they can talk to.

Ms M Wilding Student Liaison Officer
Mrs J Vlijter

It’s important for us to see all students as individuals. We do our best to ensure that all students’ individual needs are met, so they can flourish and enjoy success in their education. Maintaining high standards is an essential part of working at Stanborough, and seeing students grow into young adults is always a joy.

Mrs J Vlijter Assistant Headteacher
Mr W Maidment

The Post 16 provision offers the opportunity for all students to maximise their potential and ensure that they have access to the widest range of pathways at Post 18. Our ethos is to create students who are aspirational role models who possess skills of leadership and resilience. A proactive team is at the heart of a provision that is vibrant, inclusive and focused on each individual.

Mr W Maidment Post 16 Leader
Mrs E Fisher

I am a relatively new governor at Stanborough but already enjoy being involved in decision making and other aspects of school life. As a member of the Governing Body I hope to make a positive contribution to the effectiveness of the school.

Mrs E FisherSchool Governor
Mr P Miles

The role of school governor has changed quite a lot since I started as a parent governor in 1992 when our eldest son started at Stanborough. Working with three very different headteachers, going through a school amalgamation and the recent academy conversion has brought a fascinating variety of challenges which I continue to enjoy.

Mr P Miles School Governor