• Snapshots

    Don’t just take our word on how great Stanborough School is. Here are some snapshots of students, staff and governors.

It’s a big jump from GCSE to A level regarding work load, but it’s great fun. You get to study subjects you have chosen and can excel at.

HamzahYr 12

Year 11, though a tad stressful, was also rather enjoyable and offered a lot of opportunities such as the school production and the chance at being a leading prefect which improved my leadership skills.

Allyna Yr 11

Year 10 is hard work, preparing for GCSEs next year. I am getting the right help and I am confident I will do well.

Jonny Yr 10

The Sixth Form is a big step up. You can do subjects that you couldn’t do in Y11 e.g. psychology, and there are more opportunities such as helping with charity events and leadership roles.

EmmaYr 12

After Year 11, I hope to attend sixth form to study history, Spanish, music technology and music because I enjoy learning and speaking another language.

Sophie Yr 11

In Year 10 you have more responsibilities and leadership opportunities. I am looking forward to becoming a prefect next year. Teachers are excellent at preparing us for our GCSEs.

OliviaYr 10

I feel more mature as I am now taking subjects that I chose. My subjects have met my expectations.


I received lots of help with the options process and chose subjects which I hope I will do well in.

AnoukYr 8

Year 7 has given me the confidence to make new friends around Stanborough.

MayaYr 7

I’m really enjoying my options subjects. I have lots of fun in engineering learning a completely new subject.

ArchieYr 9

I have chosen art as an option subject for GCSE as this is my favourite subject. I receive lots of support in art and I get on really well with my teacher.

AniaYr 8

I’ve had a really good first year. The teachers are very kind and good at getting students focussed with teaching that is easy for us to understand.

HarryYr 7

I have been a part of Stanborough School for over 10 years, as a former student and now a member of staff. I am based in the office, acting as a first point of contact for all students, parents and staff. Having a student reception enables us to offer support, pastoral care or answer queries and help students in any way.

Ellah HagueAdministration Assistant

As Chair, I work with a very able and dedicated Board of Governors who along with the Headteacher provide strategic leadership and accountability. Our aim is to ensure that the school has the best resources possible so that every Stanborough student meets their aspiration and potential.

Neil HounsomChair of Governors

I enjoy the challenge of bringing science to life and making it accessible to all of our students. Stanborough is a vibrant community with lots of opportunities for students and staff to enhance their experience, including science fair visits, enrichment activities, sports day and the wonderful dance and drama productions.

Sharon JollyScience Teacher

Being a Year Leader is primarily about looking after the welfare of every student. We support our students throughout their time at Stanborough and enable them to reach their full potential, equipping them with valuable life skills along the way. At times, it can be a demanding role but it is always rewarding.

Govin PersandYear Leader

It’s important for us to see all students as individuals. We do our best to ensure that all students’ individual needs are met, so they can flourish and enjoy success in their education. Maintaining high standards is an essential part of working at Stanborough, and seeing students grow into young adults is always a joy.

Ellen Daplyn Assistant Headteacher

Psychology at Stanborough enables students to explore and formulate a deeper understanding of the human mind, how it works and the effects on human behaviour. My role as a subject leader is to devise an engaging curriculum to encourage and promote students’ passion for the subject as well as raising the standards attained within the subject area.

Meera BavishiSubject Leader: Psychology

We offer a huge range of activities in P.E at Stanborough as we believe a mixture of traditional team games combined with popular modern activities allows students to gain the most out of P.E. We actively promote leadership in our lessons and run a number of leadership courses encouraging students of all ages to develop key skills which can be used when they leave school.

Paul HarrisCurriculum Leader: PE

The Post 16 provision is a welcoming, positive and vibrant environment for students to ensure that they experience a seamless transition from their GCSE studies to a successful onward progression to their chosen Post 18 pathway. We are committed to creating students who are aspirational role models who exhibit developed skills of leadership, initiative and resilience.

Wayne Maidment Post 16 Leader

Being a subject leader allows me to devise an exciting and engaging curriculum that enthuses students and their passion for learning. It is also my responsibility to ensure pupils are making good progress and fulfill their potential in my subject area.

Amie Barnard Curriculum Leader: Art

It is a privilege to lead Stanborough School from September 2018. My team share an educational philosophy which promotes the highest expectations and consistent pastoral care. Our core aim is to nurture enquiring minds and to inspire our youngsters to pursue their dreams, leaving our Sixth form ready to excel in a future which has limitless possibilities.

Merry JohnHeadteacher