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Break Time with the Headteacher!

Autumn Term 2019 Top Attitude To Learning Students

Mrs M John, Headteacher, writes:

It was a pleasure to meet with so many students in my office over the last two weeks. The top students in each year who achieved the highest Attitude To Learning (ATL) score last term were invited to ‘Break time with the Headteacher’ to celebrate such a great achievement.  These students have exhibited an exceptionally driven and engaged approach towards their work, utilising independent learning strategies to ensure that outcomes often exceed what is expected of them. They have also demonstrated an exceptionally positive approach towards their learning, making a significant contribution to the establishment of a highly productive classroom ethos. It has been a true pleasure to meet with all of them and celebrate with them as well as their proud Year Leader. Well done to all our students.

Year 7

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y7w

Hafiza Malik, Sofia Giantzoudis, Olivia Scott,
Zara Printer, Emily Mann, Samuel Hahn,
Esther Large, Chennai Avery, Violet Hickey, Emily Bolton.





Year 8

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y8wAidan Wadley, Maggie Moylan, Nia Joshi,
Turki Al-Haddabi, Ben Paddick, Maya Hirani,
Matthew Dunstan, Olivia Preston.





Year 9

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y9wKeira Joyce, Scarlett Craft, Ayman Sakib, Louise Grenfell, Aamina Hussain, Amelie Warner, Benjamin Hahn, Lauren Sanders, William Parnham, Catherine Cranham, Harry Western.





Year 10

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y10wLaura Wells, Jack Hadley, Zainab Umarah, Lucy Woolmore, Keira Fan, Ellen Green, Charlie Greasby, Jonathan Turner, Oscar Saunders, Joshua Imafidon.




Year 11

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y11wAnnabel Dunstan, Chloe Fisher, Jack Moylan, Mia Walsh, Florrie Humphries, Yolanda Gao, Auburn Bailey, Daria Stanculescu, Oli Warner, Teya Kindred.





Year 12

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y12wCharlie Earnshaw, Jay Puranik, Lewis Budd, Jason Nwokeji, Florence Spreyer, Emma Clark, Ella Joyce, Ella Mason, Ruth Morgan, Jonny Street.





Year 13

BreakTime with HT Jan2020 Y13wAndreas Andreous, Jake Green, Jack Joyce, Kono Washio, Mitchell Burrows, Megan Kwashi, Daniel Rowe, Lucy Thompson, Priya Desai, Katarina Krajnovic, Luke Mawer, Sarah Thompson.