Snow Dog Trail 2019 2w

Year 7 Stanborough School Snow Dog Trail

Miss A Barnard, Curriculum Leader: Art, Design and Technology, writes:

Snow Dog Trail 2019 1wOnce again, the Stanborough School Snow Dog Trail has seen a fantastic number of entries all in hope of winning the commissioned snow dog figurine donated from the official Snow Dog Trail organisation.  Well known for their hand painted designs, artists are commissioned to redesign the snow dog which tours around the country across various locations.

Our partnership with the Snow Dog Trail encourages students to see how art can be taken outside the confines of the classroom. The lesson delivered to students is also devoted to looking at the 200,000 hand drawn images that are layered together to create the infamous animation of the Snowman and the Snow dog film.

We promote careers at every opportunity to enable students to understand the big picture and the purpose of the curriculum they are being taught. A look behind the scenes of this iconic film showcased multiple careers within the creative industry such as set design, art directing and illustration and how crucial each role can be within the team.

Year 7 were eager to design their own snow dog inspired by their unique artistic style as well as inspiration from examples of snow dogs that have recently toured the country. Students were building their knowledge of coloured pencil rendering which has been a crucial formal element this term.

Each class had a winner which was put forward to the final on Friday 20th December, these entries were then judged by the Art, Design and Technology faculty to reveal the winner of this years snow dog figurine.

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Congratulations and well done to every students that submitted a design, the talent across this Year 7 is outstanding,