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Fun, Learning and Freebies at the Big Bang Fair

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Miss R. Hooper, Curriculum Leader: Science, writes:

On Wednesday 14th March, over 70 Year 8s and 9s went to the NEC in Birmingham to the Big Bang Fair. The Big Bang Fair is a huge celebration of STEM subjects that happens every year. The students enjoyed hands-on activities,  workshops, careers activities and shows. The students were also able to engage with major STEM companies such as Rolls Royce, RAF, GSK, BP, National Grid and the NHS to see the applications of STEM subjects outside of the curriculum. The aim of the day was not only to have a great time and get lots of freebies, but to inspire the students to consider the wide range of careers available to those who continue studying STEM subjects at GCSE and beyond. A huge success!

“I found the Big Bang fair to be educational and enjoyable. The interactive way of learning used at the big bang fair really helped to open my eyes to the different jobs, opportunities and applications opened by an education in science. I found the presence of the RAF and forensic scientists particularly interesting as they are both, in my opinion, very interesting careers that are fittingly scientifically oriented. The big bang fair is definitely an activity that I recommend anyone who has been offered the opportunity should take part in, both to have fun and to be further made aware of possibilities for their future.” Ellie-Anne Hart 9A

“I found the science fair very interesting and educational. I enjoyed being able to learn more about careers within the science field through activities and shows. I found the RAF section particularly interesting because of the aircraft, and machinery they showcased.” Kelsey Couling 9K

“I really enjoyed learning more about how engineering is put into real life, such as defence systems.” Kian Burley 9S

“I think it was a fun trip, lots of things to do and explore. It was high quality and I really enjoyed it.” Milan Bucek 8A