Growing Success Continues at Stanborough

GCSE Results 2019-20

Stanborough’s growing reputation is down to the aspirational and hardworking students supported by passionate and dedicated teachers and support staff. This has been an extremely distressing time for all Year 11 students as the pandemic has created circumstances no one could have ever imagined or wished for but it has been great to see the wonderful outcomes received by the students.

Stanborough’s Headteacher Mrs John who has led the school in the last two years commented “It has been a true pleasure to work with this cohort of Year 11 students. The school has seen several changes in the last two years but in spite of these changes, the students led by their Head of Year, Mrs Ridgeon have been extremely welcoming, receptive and supportive of the initiatives introduced. I am very proud of our students as the school continues to flourish and the aspirational culture of the school supports the learners to achieve these justified results. I have also been so impressed with the resilience demonstrated by our Year 11 students during this extremely difficult, challenging and exceptional period. They have embraced the situation that they were faced with and taken everything in their stride. It cannot be underestimated what they have been through but also the stress and uncertainty that they would have faced leading up to receiving their results today. I would like to congratulate every single student for their hard work, dedication and perseverance in their time with us. Our Year 11 students are indeed a credit to the Stanborough community and they should be very proud of what they have achieved and who they have become.

Today, we also celebrate the fantastic commitment of the teachers and support staff. The staff here at Stanborough have worked tirelessly to support each and every child and this is evident in the results. I would also like to personally acknowledge the support that the Head of Year Mrs Ridgeon has provided to each of the students in her care. She has been an amazing tower of strength to each and every child in the last five years.

I would also like to acknowledge our parents and carers who have nurtured and encouraged their children throughout their school lives. This collaborative effort and strong partnership between school and home has been a major factor in influencing the aspirational culture.

Particularly successful Stanborough students were:

  • Annabel Dunstan with all 10 GCSEs at Grade 9
  • Jack Moylan with 12 GCSEs at grade 9 and 8
  • Louis Ross with 9 GCSEs at grade 9
  • Chloe Fisher with 9 GCSEs at 9 and 8
  • Ellie-Anne Hart with 9 GCSEs at 9 and 8
  • Zhe Gao with 6 GCSEs at grade 9 and 8
  • Phoebe Gordon with 6 GCSEs at 9 and 8
  • Katie Jeffrey with 5 GCSEs at 9 and 8
  • Dominik Orzel-Walker with 5 GCSEs at 9 and 8
  • Thomas Farran with 5 GCSEs at 9 and 8
  • George McAleese with 7 GCSEs at 9, 8 and 7
  • Hannah Davis with 6 GCSEs at 9, 8 and 7
  • Chloe O’Connor with 6 GCSEs at 8 and 7
  • Samuel Holmes with 6 GCSEs at 9 and 7
  • Oliver Warner with 7 GCSEs at 8 and 7
  • Ptolemy Carnell with 6 GCSEs at grade 8 and 7.

A humble Annabel Dunstan, who achieved the highest grades in the year, said, “I am very proud of myself and my results and I want to thank all my teachers for teaching me, supporting me and believing in me.”

An emotional Louis Ross was delighted when he received his impressive results and said,

“I am really pleased with my results and relieved considering what’s happened over the past few months. I’m looking forward to starting sixth form at Stanborough in September.”

Mrs John also added, ‘We are also very pleased that a high proportion of students will continue their studies into the Sixth Form at Stanborough and will continue to perform at the highest level as demonstrated by our very good A Level results achieved last week. We also have a number of students who have been successful in their GCSE qualifications and will now follow college or Level 2 Apprenticeship courses.’

On behalf of the staff and governors, we would like to wish all our Year 11 students the very best as they embark on the next exciting chapter in their educational journey.