Holocaust 2018 2

Holocaust Memorial Day January 2018

Mrs A. Wallis, Year 9 Deputy Year Leader: writes:

The Council arranged a service to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday.  The day was intended to ensure that the horrendous crimes against humanity during the Holocaust and subsequent genocides are never forgotten and that its relevance for each new generation is understood.  This year the theme was ‘The Power of Words’. Two of our students, Tilly North 9A and Roxana Facalet 9A, read two poems about the Holocaust. This was followed by the release of two doves to mark the occasion.

This year the ceremony was held at the Memorial at The Links, Hatfield followed by a small reception at The Synagogue, Barn Close, Handside Lane where we were able to look around the synagogue and talk to members of the faith. We enjoyed tea and cake and the students came away with a fantastic knowledge about the Jewish faith and the horrendous crimes that were committed against humanity.

“I enjoyed my visit to the Memorial Day service and found that the speeches were very educational. We all talked to the people at the synagogue and learnt a lot about the place.” Grace Beaumont 9B

I enjoyed watching the doves being set free.” Lucy Richardson 9A

“I enjoyed the time learning about the Holocaust and about the events in WW2.” Daria Stanculescu 9A

“I found the memorial very educational and very respectful to those who passed away in the Holocaust.” Freya Elsley 9A

“I really enjoyed the whole thing and it was a great experience visiting the synagogue.” Roxana Facalet 9S

“I enjoyed listening to the speeches about the Holocaust.” Katie Jeffrey 9A

“I love the respect the everyone has shown to the memorial.” Georgia Morgan 9H

“I enjoyed the whole thing especially the speeches because they were really interesting.” Tilly North 9A

“I really enjoyed learning and experiencing something different.” Diana Aneculaesei 9O