PMLD Festival 2018 1w

PMLD Festival

Mr P. Harris, Curriculum Leader: PE, writes:

PMLD Festival 2018 3wOn Wednesday 18th April the Year 13 HSLA group organised the annual PMLD festival. This is an event which has been organised by Stanborough for the last eight years and is the only one if it’s kind in the county. Students from Lakeside and Woodfield school who suffer with profound and multiple learning difficulties are invited to attend the event which offers them the opportunity to take part in sports activities and other events designed to stimulate cognitive and emotional senses.

The Year 13 students have been planning this event for weeks and also had help from the Year 12 CSLA group who will be organising the event next year.

The day began with an opening ceremony which involved some music provided by some budding Year 12 musicians. This was then followed with some excellent dance from Year 10 and 12 students. Ella Ferguson then gave her opening speech and the activities began!

Every student from the HSLA and CSLA groups paired up with a student from Lakeside or Woodfield and led them through a range of events including Boccia, target throw, dot to dot movement and a version of volleyball involving beach balls. These activities were then followed by the relays which are always a highlight for all students.

During the lunch break the HSLA students then set up the afternoon activities which involved sensory activities such as a relaxation room with U.V. lighting and meditation music, parachute activities, sensory tunnels with different materials and sensory initiatives.PMLD Festival 2018 2w

The final activity of the day was for the Stanborough students to give a short speech about how the student they had been working with had been involved in the day and what they had enjoyed or any progress that had been particularly noticeable.

The HSLA and CSLA students then gave a certificate to their students and had a photo printed and signed for them so that they could remember their day.

The event itself was a huge success and as always the Stanborough students were a credit to the school. The HSLA group will now evaluate and finish off their course whilst the CSLA will begin to prepare for the next stage in their leadership course which will start in September.