Spy Missions 2018 2

Spy Missions

Mrs Venneear, Year Leader: Year 7, writes:

Spy Missions 2018 3On Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th October Year 7 visited Spy Missions in Milton Keynes. Everyone was excited but a little apprehensive as we did not know what to expect. Upon arrival we were made to feel welcome by the staff and everyone was seated in their groups. Group one set off on their mission first and everyone else followed at 15 minutes intervals. Whilst waiting the students started to tackle the computer based activity. This involved students solving maths problems to gain entry codes to various rooms. Once they had all the answers they were able to gain access to an imaginary vault. The Spy Mission was based on a ship and involved students climbing over lasers, crawling through tunnels and using ladders and slides to manoeuvre their way around the ship. In certain areas students had to work together as a team to solve problems to prevent a missile being deployed. After the mission students had a spy quiz to answer. All the answers were displayed on the walls. Students were scored on how well they worked together as a team and also for the number of correct answers. Everyone had a great time and said that the Spy Mission was the best part.

The top teams were Groups 7 and 8 on Tuesday; Group 9 on Wednesday and Group 7 on Thursday. Gold Awards have been given to the members of each of these teams.

Spy Missions 2018 1“I thought Spy Missions was really good because it felt like you were actually in a real environment. You had to work well as a team which helped you make better friends.” Isaac Eden 7S

“I think it was really fun. It made me face some new challenges.” Alanna Dawson 7A

“It was fun solving all the missions; a great day.” Amber Cooper 7A

“I was very anxious as to what was next. But I really enjoyed the lasers . A fun day.” Emily Young 7A

“I thought it was really good solving all the problems and I liked how we climbed on things and shot lazer guns.” Heidi Emery-Lillie 7A