love to learn

Stanborough Staff Love to Learn Too!

Mrs S Humphries, Assistant Headteacher, writes:

On a dark afternoon, when all the students had long left the building, our wonderful Stanborough staff were just starting their school day!

Wednesday 20th November saw our first round of CPD-Opoly! This is where our staff have an opportunity to choose development sessions to attend. This time, they could choose two from a range of eight different
options.  Whilst some of our teachers were engaged in conversation about how to better differentiate, others were exploring how they could create more of a culture of independence in their classroom. As some discussed better uses of questioning, others were learning more strategies for supporting students with emotional or mental health needs. The list goes on…

It was Miss Barnard, as creative as ever, who came up with the concept of relating our CPD to the game, to reflect how staff move around their sessions like a game board, even picking up Chance Cards for prizes as they go!

At Stanborough, we really are a learning community and we would like all of our students to know that the staff appreciate the value in learning new things, just as much as they do. Learning is a lifelong experience and our staff remain committed to ensuring that the quality of education our students receive is really the best it can be, taking into account the latest research, ideas and concepts about what really good teaching and learning looks like.

So thank you to all the staff who took part, especially those who planned and led sessions. Proving once again that they always go the extra mile for our students and each other. We are looking forward to the next round in March!