Student Achievement Autumn Term 2019

Mrs E Daplyn, Assistant Headteacher writes:

At Stanborough School we believe all students should be praised for their hard work, excellence, integrity and continued efforts. At each Progress Update, staff award students effort grades based on their classwork, homework and behaviour with one being the lowest and four being the highest. Students who average three or above are showing consistently high levels of effort in school and in their homework. Students are also awarded through reward points for their work in and out of the classroom. Students are awarded bronze, silver or gold and can also be nominated for a headteacher’s award each week. Students with the highest reward points, highest attendance and good behaviour, those with the most gold awards and those with the highest and most improved approach to learning grades are rewarded in our end of term assembly.

It has been a very busy start to the academic year and we would like to thank all our students for their hard work this first half term. In particular, we would like to congratulate all students who have received positive reward points. The students with the highest reward points and the highest approach to learning grades for each year group are as follows:

Year 7

Year 7 Top 10 Reward points
StudentTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Olivia Scott7A1534
Emily Mann7A1167
Martha Flint7KK1045
Sofia Giantzoudis7A1037
Taylor Ward7A976
Thando Tigere7A969
Zara Printer7B951
Sophie Mossman7A932
Lucas Blanaru7A928
Navil Ahmed7A914
Year 7 Top 10 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Hafiza Malik7HC
Sofia Giantzoudis7A
Olivia Scott7A
Zara Printer7B
Emily Mann7A
Samuel Hahn7HM
Esther Large7O
Chennai Avery7O
Violet Hickey7KL
Emily Bolton7O

Year 8

Year 8 Top 10 Reward Points
StudentTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Matthew Dunstan8OM1240
Aidan Wadley8H1061
Maggie Moylan8H1026
Nathan Biba8OM1015
Nia Joshi8OM942
Sophie Green8A891
Maya Hirani8K890
Daniel Harrington8A850
Ben Thornton8K841
Ruby Setters8OM840
Year 8 Top 10 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Aidan Wadley8H
Maggie Moylan8H
Nia Joshi8OM
Turki Al-Haddabi8S
Ben Paddick8H
Maya Hirani8K
Matthew Dunstan8OM
Olivia Preston8B
Olivia Krainska8K
Millie Harris8B

Year 9

Year 9 Top 10 Reward Points
StudentTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Scarlett Craft9S1009
Oliver Holbourns9S894
Louise Grenfell9BM883
Mia Ruck9K850
Grace Adcock9O847
Joshua Holloway9H845
Reece Ogeer-Ali9BM844
Lauren Sanders9O830
Catherine Cranham9O812
Theodore Papachristos9BM793
Year 9 Top 10 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Keira Joyce9BP
Scarlett Craft9S
Ayman Sakib9S
Louise Grenfell9BM
Aamina Hussain9A
Amelie Warner9BM
Benjamin Hahn9H
Lauren Sanders9O
William Parnham9A
Catherine Cranham
Harry Western

Year 10

Year 10 Top 10 Reward Points
StudentTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Jack Hadley10H1200
Emma Hudson10S1025
Laura Wells10K1021
Keziah Long10A982
Holly Clayton10S941
Keira Fan10O935
Chloe Kunjasic10S920
Natalie Saunders10H915
Zainab Umarah10B906
Freddie Verlander10S890
Year 10 Top 10 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Laura Wells10K
Jack Hadley10H
Zainab Umarah10B
Lucy Woolmore10B
Keira Fan10O
Ellen Green10A
Charlie Greasby10B
Jonathan Turner10K
Oscar Saunders10S
Joshua Imafidon10O

Year 11

Year 11 Top 10 Reward Points
StudentsTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Mia Jenkins11O855
Jack Moylan11O781
Louis Ross11H766
Thomas Farran11B752
Charlotte Preston11K710
Teya Kindred11O700
Daria Stanculescu11A696
Mia Walsh11S671
Hannah Paget11K641
Annabel Dunstan11A640
Year 11 Top 10 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Annabel Dunstan11A
Chloe Fisher11B
Jack Moylan11O
Mia Walsh11S
Florrie Humphries11A
Yolanda Gao11H
Auburn Bailey11O
Daria Stanculescu11A
Oli Warner11K
Teya Kindred11O

Year 12

Year 12 Top 10 Reward Points
StudentTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Emily Bond12ES280
Amy Williamson12ES265
Ruth Morgan12NZS255
Daniel Green12NZS240
Jay Puranik12ES230
Bethan Makowski12MZB225
Julia Pietraszko12MZB220
Joshua Long12NZS210
Aaron Johnson12ES205
Year 12 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Charlie Earnshaw12MZB
Jay Puranik12ES
Lewis Budd12NZS
Jason Nwokeji12NZS
Florence Spreyer12ES
Emma Clark12ES
Ella Joyce12NZS
Ella Mason12MZB
Ruth Morgan12NZS
Jonny Street12MZB

Year 13

Year 13 Top 10 Reward Points
StudentTutor GroupNumber of Reward Points
Caitlin Maciver13KAC
Hayden Cable13KAC
Jack Joyce13CR
Andreas Andreous13KAC
Priya Desai13KAC
Behram Printer13CR
Megan Kwashi13CR
Daniel Rowe13RC
Charlotte Ball13KAC
Callie Burton
Ellie Daley
Justine House
Year 13 Top 10 Best Attitude to Learning Students
Andreas Andreous13KAC
Jake Green13CR
Jack Joyce13CR
Kono Washio13KAC
Mitchell Burrows13KAC
Megan Kwashi13CR
Daniel Rowe13RC
Lucy Thompson13KAC
Priya Desai13KAC
Katrina Krajnovic
Luke Mawer
Sarah Thompson