RE Postcard Comp 2018 1stw

The Religion, Philosophy and Ethic’s Postcard Competition

Miss M. Bowen, RE, Philosophy & Ethics, writes:

Over the last month the RPE department have had a fantastic postcard competition running, which ran until the 7th December. Over the last week both Mr Collinson and I have been deciding who the competition winners are; once we got down to the final few that we thought were amazing we asked Mrs John to help us decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The postcards are true pieces of art work, the time and effort that have been put into them is outstanding. We would like to say a massive congratulations to the winners but also a big well done to those who did make the effort to enter the competition.

We hope you look forward to seeing them come home with positive comments on about the hard work that is being completed in the RPE department.

In 3rd place was this fantastic postcard designed and created by Erin Linskey in 8O

RE Postcard Comp 2018 3rdw

In 2nd place was this beautiful postcard by Abigail Cavill in 8BM

RE Postcard Comp 2018 2ndw


In 1st place with the most beautiful and well thought out postcard was Mika Sevillano in 8BP

RE Postcard Comp 2018 1stw