Y8 Harry Potter 2019 4

Year 8 Creative Careers Trip

Miss A. Barnard, Subject Leader: Art, writes:

On Tuesday the 26th February, Year 8 students took a creative careers trip to Leavesden studios to visit The Making of Harry Potter. The students were also able to attend a private workshop looking at the endless possibilities within the creative industry and in particular, the character behind the costume! The workshop was geared to help students realise all of the different jobs within the film industry, as well as your graphic designers, costume designers and art directors, students were also told of the vacancies for scaffolders, plasterers, painters and electricians. From the costume design perspective, students were taught about the intense planning behind each character’s costume to tell a story about who they are; some costumes shown were valued at around £30,000. Students were then given the opportunity to design their own fictitious character using official Harry Potter fabric swatches! We then had a chance to complete the Harry Potter Tour with a new perspective and exclusive insight in to the making of the film. It was a fantastic day out exploring creative career paths in the film making industry.

“The experience was fun and a magical journey! I was surprised at how small models were in real life compared to the size and scale they appear in the movie. It was interesting to see how many different career paths make up just one movie!” Tom Paris 8S 

“I really enjoyed the trip and it made me think more about my future and the career paths that are available!” Alice Hawkins 8K