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Holocaust Memorial Event 2020

‘Stand Together’

Mrs A Wallis, Deputy Year Leader: Year 11 and HLTA, writes;

 To show support within the community, Stanborough School were invited to join other schools from Welwyn and Hatfield at a Holocaust Memorial event. All the schools that attended performed presentations on Nazi Persecution, the Holocaust and the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia at an event called ‘Stand Together’.

The students that took part in the event were Sarah Pennell and Joseph Lansiquot, both from 9BM and Jack Hadley from 10H. They were able to explain the effects and events that Anne Frank’s family experienced during the Holocaust. Laura Wells chaired the whole proceedings and introduced all the schools.

The event took place at the Campus West Theatre on Monday 27th January.  After the performances all the students and staff were able to go out on to the Campus outdoor arena where there was two minutes silence to show respect for all the atrocities that people have endured over many years. There was then the release of Symbolic Peace Doves, followed by refreshments. The students were able to browse the brilliant art work that the students in Year 9 created to portray the atrocities from the holocaust and the genocides.

 The students and staff were very moved by the whole experience and the respect the students showed was outstanding.

 “I really enjoyed the experience as I think it is important for us to learn about all these genocides so they don’t happen again. We are the people that can do something about it as it is our future.” Sarah Pennell 9BM

“I really enjoyed the Holocaust Memorial Day because it helped me understand how people suffered during that time.” Joseph Lansiquot 9BM 

“It was an honour to be invited to the Holocaust event. I had the pleasure of introducing all the secondary schools who produced wonderful, informative performances and presentations.” Laura Wells 10K

The students were fantastic and were a real credit to the school. It was a very emotional morning, but each and every student showed compassion and understanding. It was a pleasure to experience such an important world event with them. Well done to all those who performed and participated in the morning.


HSP Jan2020w

Handside Partnership visit to Lakeside

Mrs E Daplyn, Assistant Headteacher, writes:

Six Stanborough students from Years 7 to 9 have volunteered to represent the school in our Handside Partnership with Applecroft and Lakeside schools. Our first meeting of the year took place at Lakeside school on Tuesday where students met and talked to students from the other two schools. At the meeting we also planned some activities for the rest of the year including a chance to have a tour of Lakeside and meet some of the other students in March. We also have a technology day planned at Stanborough for March where the students will be making time capsules to help celebrate Welwyn Garden City’s centenary.

‘It was great meeting the children and learning about their likes and dislikes. I would love to see them again!’ Harry Western 9S

‘I found it really exciting to meet students from Lakeside and see what life is like for them at school.’ Emily Bolton 7O

‘It was great working with other children and listening to their opinions.’ Ibrahim Ahmed 8OM

Spy Missions 2019 4w

Year 7 Spy Missions Adventure

Mr A Martin, Year 7 Deputy Leader, writes:

During the course of last week, Year 7 students visited the Spy Missions centre in Milton Keynes, where they were able to work in groups to solve mathematical problems. These problems weaved themselves into a spy mission, which each group had to tackle. This included climbing through ventilation shafts and dodging laser beams  between each puzzle room.

Everyone had a great time, here are some quotes from some of the students:

“It made me feel like a proper spy.”

“Spy missions was one of the best trips I’ve been on.”

“I liked all the fun activities.”

“We had to stop a missile from launching into London.”

“I loved the assault course and the slide at the end.”

“The escape room was the best.”

“The best part was dodging the lasers.”

Spy Missions 2019 12w


Y7 PGL 2019 28

Year 7 Visit to Mimosa


Miss G. Hawker, Deputy Year Leader: Year 7 writes:

Last week Year 7 went on the PGL trip to Mimosa in the south of France. We left on Monday 13th May with great excitement waving goodbye to the parents and ready for a long coach journey ahead. Having managed to survive the 20 hour coach trip, we arrived at Mimosa in stunning sunshine a little tired from the journey. However, that did not stop us partaking in the week’s activities consisting of archery, rifle shooting, sailing, banana boat riding, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. As Year 7 got stuck into the water activities the lovely weather continued leading to lots of fun in the sun! On Friday, the weather took a turn and we spent the day in Carcassonne and Bezier where the students were able to buy their gifts and practise their French.

Having taken part in some of the water sport activities over the week, it was amazing to see how well students worked with each other when put into teams but also seeing them make a range of new friends through the activities as well as during the evening entertainment of the nightly disco.

Overall everyone had a fantastic week; a few of us overcame a few fears and the students made many new friends as well as lots of great memories.

“I really enjoyed the trip and it was worth the long journey! My favourite activity was the banana boat. I really liked getting to know our PGL group leader and instructors.” Destene Downswell 7A

“I thought that all the activities were fun and exciting. If you were scared of doing something all the PGL staff and the teachers supported and encouraged you to do it. There was a variety of food, some healthy and some not so much.”  Will Flynn 7OS

“The PGL trip was so amazing as we learnt so many new things on the sea and on land. We had so much fun from the sea all the way to Carcassonne. We also had plenty of food and had lots of opportunities to buy souvenirs and snacks which was fun.” Lily-May Watkins 7A

“The Stanborough School PGL trip was great because we got to do a range of activities from air rifles to sailing. Both the PGL staff and the Stanborough staff were very supportive in all the activities. My favourite was raft building as we were taught how to tie barrels together and tie ropes to logs. We then paddled the raft around a lake. For one day in the week we went to Carcassonne where we had lots of fun around the walled town.” Sam Barratt 7B

“The France trip was exhausting! The coach journey was extremely long but the trip itself made up for it. We mainly went into the sea for most of the activities, which was very cold, but we got used to it eventually. We even went to where Shrek 2 was filmed. The food was very nice and nobody had complaints about it. On the last day we tried snails.” Ryan Hale 7OS

“I think the trip was great fun and I really enjoyed it. The banana boat and when we went to the shopping centre were my favourite because the banana boat went so fast and in the centre we were allowed to go around with our friends in our own time. Even when we were on the coach, which was a very long journey, in both directions, the teachers managed to entertain us with movies. I was very happy with the outcome and look forward to going on another trip in the future.” Sophia Curry 7H

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DofE Bronze Walking 2019 Practice 3wi

A Successful Weekend!

Mrs G. Elliott, DofE Co-ordinator, writes:

Y10 Bronze Award Walking Group – Training/Practice Expedition – 11th and 12th May.

Our Y10 Bronze Award participants took part in a two day training programme run by Wilderness Expertise, our Approved Activity Provider, to give them the necessary skills to cope with the expedition section, such as camp craft, navigation, and first aid.  This is the first year group who are taking part in our new programme where the Training and Practice Expedition has been replaced by a training weekend.

Charlotte Preston 10K and Dominique Clarke-Payton 10O wrote:

On the 11th and 12th of May, we went to school at 8.45am and started our training for our DofE expedition in July. On the first day, we learnt all the necessary skills we will need, such as First Aid skills, campcraft, navigation and map reading. We learnt to use a compass, read coordinates on a map and we started mapping our route for the Qualifying Expedition. We also looked at what kit we would need and the importance of it. After lunch, we went outside to put up tents, which was tough but fun; the instructors and teachers were really helpful. Then it was time for dinner and we prepared food on trangias. On the second day we used our map reading skills during a 4 ½ hour walk. During that time, we also practised emergency scenarios. We came back to school at 14.30 and were dismissed at 15.00. We then went home feeling excited and ready for the real expedition in July. Thank you to Mrs Elliott, Miss Bowen and Miss Bradbury for giving up their weekend.

Student comments:

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, I feel prepared for the real expedition after doing an 11km practice walk with an instructor on the second training day. The walk was very rewarding, despite the tiredness afterwards.’ Teya Kindred 10O

I really enjoyed the DofE training because it taught me skills to carry out the assessment to the best of my ability.’ Jensen Read 10S


I really enjoyed the DofE training as it has enabled me to go for camping in the future with the skills I learnt, for example putting up a tent correctly and using a Trangia to cook’. Josh (Year10)


Y8 Paris 2019 34

Le Voyage a Paris: Another successful trip to France