DT Rotary Tournament March2018 4w

Rotary Technology Tournament

Mr M. Beevor, Design and Technology, writes:

The Design and Technology department took three teams to Onslow St Audrey’s School to participate in the annual Rotary Technology Tournament. Students in the teams were from Year 8, Year 9 and Year 13. The task set was to fire a plastic ball three metres vertically in a plastic cup by building a wooden frame and using only rubber bands for propulsion. They had to design a release system and present a design portfolio. The Year 9 and 13 students also had to incorporate a parachute into their design.

The Year 8 team worked quickly and had built and tested their design before any of the other 20 teams. Further testing resulted in a working design. Overall they came second in the competition, losing out on first place by two points. The Year 9 and Year 13 teams faced a more difficult task and both managed finished designs but lacked consistency when trying to deploy the parachute.

It was a very challenging day and all students worked well as a team and enjoyed the competitive experience.