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Behaviour and Reward Points

Mrs E Daplyn, Assistant Headteacher writes:

Behaviour and Rewards Ladder 2019 2020We are extremely pleased to see how many students are receiving reward points this year. The pie chart shows the number of reward points verses negative points awarded to students so far this year. As you are aware, we listened to the feedback from staff, students and parents and increased the value of our reward points. We also added in a separate award worth 50 points for all those who achieve a Headteacher’s Award each week.

It’s great to see how many students have only positive awards and no negatives, and the numbers of reward points accumulated, We have some students who have gained nearly 1,000 points so far this year!

We will continue to reward students this term and at the end of term assembly which takes place on the last day of term.

A reminder of the behaviour ladder is to the right. If you would like more information the behaviour policy, including details of the behaviour ladder, is available on the school website.

Behaviour and Reward Points for all Year 7 to 13 Students from Sept. 2019 to Present

November reward points 2019w