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Duke of Edinburgh News Update

Y12-13-Gold Group

 We are very proud that 13 of our Gold group have completed their Qualifying Gold expedition successfully. They have walked through the Brecon Beacons in some difficult conditions with hot weather and extreme challenges of the difficult terrains and the heavy rucksacks. They worked as a group to face all the elements thrown at them.


Y10-Bronze Award Walking Expedition

Our 30 Y10 students have successfully completed their Practice Expedition around Broxbourne area. The weather was kind to them and they followed a route they planned. They are now ready for their Qualifying Expedition which is going to take place Friday 13th to Saturday 14th July around Kings Langley.

Y10 – Bronze Award Expedition Canoeing

This year, Stanborough had the first Bronze Award Canoeing Expedition. We used an Approved Activity Provider, Stanborough Park Watersports Centre, who trained and assessed the expedition. For the Practice Expedition, the students canoed around the Lea Valley area, with a en-route stop to Lea Valley centre where they saw top athletes training. They camped in Broxbourne on an island between a lake and the river at the Herts Young Mariners Base.  The Qualifying Expedition was from Bedford to Huntingdon and they camped in St Neots, also by the river. During both expeditions they learnt to cope with locks, other boats and discovered some stunning sites by the rivers. The weather was brilliant for such expeditions and the students had a fantastic time.