P16 Interview like a professional May2018 2w

Learning To Interview Like A Professional

Mrs E. Ahmad, Second in Business, Student Career Pathways and Enterprise Leader, writes:

In preparation for Year 12 work shadowing, which takes place from the 16th to the 19th July 2018, students had applied for various roles within PayPoint* ranging from IT, Legal, Marketing, Finance and HR. They were asked to send in their CVs to Carol Jager (Lead Recruiter) prior to their interview. On the day of the interview students dressed to impress! Equipped with a copy of their CV and job description they arrived, full of confidence, at the PayPoint Head Office in Shire Park. They were fully prepared with possible questions, answers to these and questions to ask. One by one, students were escorted up to the interview room having been given a tour of the fantastic facilities and insight into different functional areas. This was a great experience and we are very grateful to PayPoint for giving our students this fantastic learning opportunity.

‘Having the experience to attend an interview and get work experience at such a great organisation is very worthwhile and helpful for my future.’ Melanie Georgiou 12K

‘I was really nervous before as its my first one to one interview, however once it started I felt more confident.’
Tatiana Lwin 12K

‘Having an interview and the opportunity to discuss ways to improve my CV with the lead recruiter at Paypoint has been very helpful. I have been able to apply the advice given and have updated my CV.’ Allen Abraham 12B

‘The experience of having an interview at PayPoint headquarters was extremely beneficial as it allowed me develop my interview skills while also receiving advice on my CV. Before the interview, it helped to research the company and print the job specifications in order to arrive prepared. Visiting the headquarters and looking around the departments also enhanced my knowledge of what it’s like to work in a successful company such as PayPoint.’ Louise Stokes 12H

*PayPoint provide technology in shops around the UK including Tesco, McColl’s and thousands of independent corner shops. £10 billion payments are processed annually through the technology, delivering strong footfall to Retailers. PayPoint also provide an e-commerce solution enabling consumers to make card payments using a channel of choice. You may also know them for providing parcel “pick up and drop off” through the brand Collect+