Porsche Oct19 2w

Business Students meet Porsche Business Manager

Mr Sinclair, Teacher of Business, writes:

Porsche Oct19 1wOn the 14th and 16th October 2019 both Year 9 and Year 12 Business students were privileged to receive a presentation from Dan Jones, the business manager at the local Porsche centre in Hatfield. Dan spent 45 minutes each time delivering information on Porsche’s sales turnover, demand and supply and the dynamic nature of the market that they operate in. This guest speaker truly brought Business to life and allowed students to put their theory into Business context. Most exciting was the news that Dan was going to Barcelona this week to launch the new all electric car; the Teycan 4s!

“I thoroughly enjoyed having Dan come in to see us as he taught us a lot about the risks and rewards that they took. I especially loved having him in as I love cars and really love Porsche.”  Alex O’Carroll, 9O

 “I really enjoyed listening to the guest speaker from Porsche. I was able to understand a different aspect of the business world”.  Archie Bell, 9H

 “It’s always lovely to have guest speakers from various industries as this really brings home to students how applicable the business theory they are learning is. Dan was particularly inspirational, it was clear from his delivery how passionate he was about his job. Our students were fully captivated and could have asked Dan questions all day!”  Mrs Ramsamy


Engineering Education Scheme 2019w

Engineering Education Scheme

Mrs K Coldwell, STEM Leader: Mathematics, writes:

A group of six Year 12 students from Stanborough have been invited to take part in a six-month project run by the Engineering Development Trust. The Engineering Education Scheme links up teams of students with local companies to work on real-life, scientific, engineering and technology projects.

Josephine Clayton, Sean Davies, Charlie Earnshaw, Jack Hamer, Aaron Johnson and Jason Nwokeji attended the launch of the scheme last week and had the opportunity to meet their team mentor, a highways engineer who works for Hertfordshire County Council. They also learned about the project they will be working on which relates to electric vehicles of all varieties, from scooters to cars to trains to airplanes.

The highlight of the morning was probably the team-building exercise, though, which Stanborough won for the first time in its association with the Engineering Education Scheme. The team designed the marble

roller-coaster which kept the marble moving for the longest out of the nine teams at the launch, while keeping within the constraints of materials and time. But it was very nearly the opposite result as the marble went missing for a time during the construction and this would have resulted in disqualification if it had not been found!

P16 Scholarship Success 2019 4wi

Scholarship Success

Mrs C. Ramsamy, Business & Finance Leader writes:

On Wednesday 9th October, Dominic Vallier from the London Institute of Banking presented several awards and offered a scholarship to four of our Year 13 Finance students: Priya Desai, Jack Joyce, Tatiana Lwin and Lucy Thompson. The award was for achieving outstanding summer 2019 results. I am really proud of our students and would like to take this opportunity to commend them for their hard work.

“It’s great to be recognised for the achievement of my exam performance last year. The course is practical and set up for everyday life to support with any future financial decisions I make. I would definitely recommend this course especially for students who are planning a financial career. It is an excellent course as the topics covered are so relevant for today in society which sparks lots of financial discussions in class.” Priya Desai Y13

“I was a bit shocked as I didn’t realise I got one of the top grades in the country. It was nice to be offered the opportunity to take this further through the LIBF scholarship which was offered. It’s flattering to be offered a fantastic opportunity as well as an award.” Lucy Thompson Y13

P16 Scholarship Success 2019 2w


Parliament Visit 2019

Politics Students Visit Parliament

Thomas Gray,12A, writes:

London welcomed the Year 12 Government and Politics class on Friday 18th January 2019. After the eventful House of Commons votes earlier that week, everyone felt excited to get a tour of the battleground of British politics; the Houses of Parliament. The train and tube trip were navigated well, and everyone made it to Westminster tube station in time for some lunch. After a quick sandwich, the class made it through security and we met our tour guide. We first went to the central lobby, where Members of Parliament are often smothered by the press, fortunately there were no cameras there for us that day. We then were taken up to the viewing galleries of the House of Lords where unelected professionals make recommendations on policy making. A debate was taking place which was especially impressive as we were able to see the chamber in action, live! Then we were taken to the committee rooms where experts are chosen to scrutinise the government and to help with the making of any legislation. Then, we were led to the ‘other place’: The House of Commons. This was particularly exciting due to the two very important votes just days before however there were no debates taking place while we were there which meant that we were able to actually go into the chamber itself. It seemed strangely small although still very regal, filled with its green benches and gold ornaments. We even got to stand at the dispatch box, where Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn exchange arguments over issues such as Brexit.

After the tour, we met in the education centre for a workshop about select committees and we debated whether or not they were an effective method for scrutinising government policy. It started with a quiz and then we were told to research to prepare for the debate. We then met with Baroness Barker, who sits in the House Lords and is a former committee member; she was able to explain to us about what her job entails, how to address her (m’lady and then ma’am) and what she thinks, as a liberal democrat, about her role as an unelected representative.

Overall, the trip was very informative and enjoyable as we got to see the inner workings of how our country is run.

Maths Challenge Success Nov2018w

Maths Challenge Success

Mrs K. Coldwell, KS5 and G&T Leader, Maths, writes:

The team of Tawsif Chowdhury, Hannah Imafidon, Behram Printer and Kono Washio travelled to Peterborough last week to compete in the Regional Final of the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge, a competition organised jointly by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and the UK Mathematics Trust and sponsored by Rolls-Royce plc. The aim of the competition is to provide a stimulating and enjoyable challenge for 16-19 year-old mathematics students by focusing on problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills. The STMC is now in its 13th year and attracts over 1300 teams from schools and colleges from around the UK.

Fifteen teams of the best mathematics students from local schools and colleges tackled a series of demanding mathematical challenges for over three hours. At the end of the three rounds of group problem-solving, team cross-number puzzle and mathematical relay race, Stanborough were named the overall winners and will go on to the national final in London on 5th February 2019. This is the highest ranking that Stanborough has achieved in the history of the competition. The Stanborough team qualified for the national final in 2016-17, but as high-scoring runners up and also achieved second place in the regional final in 2017-18.

Meanwhile, the results of the individual Senior Maths Challenge which took place back on the 6th November have come in. Hannah Imafidon achieved Best in School, Best in Year 13 and a Gold certificate while Behram Printer took Best in Year 12 and a Gold certificate. Mollie Hall and Christopher Illes-Wilbourn also earned Gold certificates. All four qualified for a follow-on round which takes place on Friday 30th November.

Silver certificates went to Tawsif Chowdhury, Joseph Lowton, Hamzah Hussain, Callum Elliott and Kono Washio. Alex Baxter, Edgar Kager, Thomas Cranham, Lucy Thompson and Harry Cross all achieved Bronze. Three Year 11s took part in the competition although it is aimed at sixth formers: Joshua Long earned a Bronze certificate and Best in Year 11, while Sean Davies and Josephine Clayton both earned Bronze certificates. Many others were very close to achieving a certificate and all who took part should take pride in having been selected.

“It was exciting to know that we had won, and it was well-deserved from the practice we put in.” Behram Printer, Year 12

Wellcome Genome Institute Nov2018 2w

Wellcome Genome Campus – Cambridge