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Mock Interview Opportunity for Year 11

Annabel Dunstan, Year 11, writes:

On 11th February, 14 members of staff from PayPoint visited Stanborough School to interview Year 11 students. Every student in Year 11 was given an allotted time to speak one-to-one with an employer about everything from our post-16 pathway choice to our future career plans. We had all completed our CVs for this session, so were able to gain some valuable feedback about the things we had included, as well as some insightful advice on how we might tailor the information for future real interviews.

Overall, this was a great chance to get talking to an adult stranger, in a controlled, interview-style environment, about career choices. I am sure that many of us are now more closely aware of our own positive attributes and skills that can be applied to the world of work.  For many, this experience will also have reduced the inevitable fear of going for a formal interview! We are very thankful to PayPoint for giving us this opportunity.