Canteen 2019 1

News from the Canteen

Hertfordshire Catering writes:

From the 4th of November 2019 our Homestyle Meal of The Day Winter/Spring menu has been launched in our canteen.  Menu choices are shown below and are available on the school website.

Our Food Development department work very hard to control costs and reduce the need for price increases however to maintain the level of quality of products used a small increase has been implemented.

The current price for the meal of the day is £2.45 or £2.00 for the main meal only.  Meal of the Day comprising of main meal and dessert will increase in price from the 1st January 2020.  The price will increase by 5p from £2.45 to £2.50 and the Main Meal Only will increase from £2.00 to £2.05.

Our Meal of the Day option includes a choice of either a meat or vegetarian meal with two seasonal vegetables and a selection of hot and cold desserts.  Many of our drinks are no longer supplied in plastic bottles but in cans.  We will therefore now be allowing cans in school but the school policy still stands with no fizzy drinks allowable.

Information about school meals can be found on our School Meals page