P16 Scholarship Success 2019 4wi

Scholarship Success

Mrs C. Ramsamy, Business & Finance Leader writes:

On Wednesday 9th October, Dominic Vallier from the London Institute of Banking presented several awards and offered a scholarship to four of our Year 13 Finance students: Priya Desai, Jack Joyce, Tatiana Lwin and Lucy Thompson. The award was for achieving outstanding summer 2019 results. I am really proud of our students and would like to take this opportunity to commend them for their hard work.

“It’s great to be recognised for the achievement of my exam performance last year. The course is practical and set up for everyday life to support with any future financial decisions I make. I would definitely recommend this course especially for students who are planning a financial career. It is an excellent course as the topics covered are so relevant for today in society which sparks lots of financial discussions in class.” Priya Desai Y13

“I was a bit shocked as I didn’t realise I got one of the top grades in the country. It was nice to be offered the opportunity to take this further through the LIBF scholarship which was offered. It’s flattering to be offered a fantastic opportunity as well as an award.” Lucy Thompson Y13

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