Work Experience 2018 1

Stepping into Work

Mrs  E. Ahmad, Student Career and Enterprise Leader, writes: 

On Monday 19th March 2018, Year 10 students embarked on their one week work experience placement. Work experience provides students with a first-hand experience of what is needed to do well in a job and time outside the classroom allows students to learn about a particular job or area of work.

During their placement, students were able to find out what skills employers look for when they’re hiring someone to fill a job vacancy. They were also given the chance to develop their self-confidence and communication skills, increase their knowledge and understanding of the world of work and find out about their strengths and how they can improve their skills and abilities.

Student Comments:

‘It was a very hands on experience. I was kept busy throughout the whole experience and really enjoyed myself.’ David Oladejo at Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue 

‘It helped cement the idea of wanting to work with children in the future; I really enjoyed my experience.’ Faith Dinnage at Creswick primary and nursery school  

I enjoyed working and talking to lots of different people, the responsibilities given to me and being able to work in different departments was great.’ Adam Richards at Waitrose Supermarket 

Employer comments:

‘Can we keep Harry Dobson? If he carries on the way he does he’ll go far in life.’ Fairway tyre and Auto Service 

‘Will Scott was terrific, happy to have him work with us on Saturdays.’ Grange Jaguar Ltd (Welwyn)

‘Georgie Ferguson was very professional and had an enthusiastic approach. She got engaged in all activities, lovely to work with, very pleased.’ Nuffield Health