Y12 13 Magistrates Assemblyw

Year 12 & 13 Magistrates Assembly

Mrs J Adams, Life Skills Leader, writes:

On Friday 23rd February we welcomed back Dr Stephen Pam and Denise Powell from Hertfordshire Magistrates who delivered an extremely interesting assembly to our Sixth Form on the five main reasons for road accidents. This included the consequences for those who have caused them, considering how courts reach their decisions and examine the different sentencing options available to magistrates.

The aim of the assembly was to ensure that students are safer on the roads and they understand how different sentences could be passed. Dr Pam discussed the role of a Magistrates’ Court and the variety of cases that they would see and how sentences would be decided by which band the incident fell into with the points and fines attached. She also discussed how they consider aggravating factors and mitigating circumstances.

The students set up their own court room and took on the roles of those who would attend court. They looked at a case of a young female driver who caused a motorbike driver to come off of his bike causing severe injury. During the performance the students had to decide if the young lady was guilty or not guilty, explaining their decision and what the consequences would be.  The magistrates explained how they would reach their decision, looking at all the different factors, including witness statements and the weather. They then had to decide the appropriate consequence to fit the offence. In this role play the young lady was found guilty of careless turning across traffic, insufficient attention and using her mobile phone.

We hope that all our students continue to be happy and safe drivers.

“The presentation was really informative and now I feel much more aware of the implications of dangerous driving for myself and others.” Joe Davis, 12S

“The assembly was informative about not only a career in law and what that entailed, but also the dangers that come with driving and the consequences you could face.” Chloe Crellin, 13K