Intermediate Maths Challenge Feb2018w

Intermediate Maths Challenge

Mrs K. Coldwell, KS5 and G&T Leader, Mathematics, writes:

We had a full house for the UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge which took place on Thursday 2nd February and the results are now in.  Of the 60 students who took part, 27 earned certificates and two have qualified for follow-on rounds.

Behram Printer (11H) was Best in School, Best in Year 11, earned a Gold Certificate and qualified for the Pink Kangaroo follow-on round.

Sean Davies (10S) and Zackary Read (9H) were Best in Year for Years 9 and 10. Sean also earned a Gold certificate and qualified for the Pink Kangaroo follow-on round. Zackary earned a Silver certificate.

Silver certificates also go to Junayd Ullah (11A), Rory Satterley Hull (11O), Kono Washio (11K), Joshua Long (10H), Josephine Clayton (10K) and Jack Moylan (9O).

Matthew Turnbull (11K), Ganga Jayamohan (11S), Thomas Cranham (11O), Travis Ford (11H), Harry Cross (11S), Priya Desai (11S), Gracie Manning (11O), Allyna Farrell (11B), James Mann (10K), Daniel Green (10H), Jack Hamer (10K), Jonny Baynes (10H), Georgia Burgess (10H), Ellie-Anne Hart (9A), Louis Ross (9H), Annabel Dunstan (9A), Luca Vullo (9K) and Alexander Douglas (9A) all earned Bronze certificates.

Well done to all who took part!