Spy Missions 2019 4w

Year 7 Spy Missions Adventure

Mr A Martin, Year 7 Deputy Leader, writes:

During the course of last week, Year 7 students visited the Spy Missions centre in Milton Keynes, where they were able to work in groups to solve mathematical problems. These problems weaved themselves into a spy mission, which each group had to tackle. This included climbing through ventilation shafts and dodging laser beams  between each puzzle room.

Everyone had a great time, here are some quotes from some of the students:

“It made me feel like a proper spy.”

“Spy missions was one of the best trips I’ve been on.”

“I liked all the fun activities.”

“We had to stop a missile from launching into London.”

“I loved the assault course and the slide at the end.”

“The escape room was the best.”

“The best part was dodging the lasers.”

Spy Missions 2019 12w