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500 Word Short Stories

Mrs E. Daplyn, Assistant Headteacher, writes:

Many of you will have heard of the 500 word short story competition run by the BBC. This is a competition designed to encourage young students to put their creativity and writing skills to the test by writing an engaging and creative story in 500 words or less. We ran this as an in house competition at Stanborough and got some great entries. Congratulations to Maggie Moylan 7H and Reece Ogeer-Ali 8BM who came first in their respective year groups. Congratulations also to second place winner Nia Joshi 7OM and to Oscar Boyle 7B who came third in Year 7. In Year 8 Emilie Howard 8O came second and Mia Ruck 8K came third. We were impressed with how imaginative the stories were and the genres they covered, from fantasy to sci-fi. All those who won will receive a Headteacher’s commendation this week and a certificate in the end of term assembly. They will also have the opportunity to read their stories out to their year group in an assembly after Easter. Well done to our winners and all those that entered!