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500 Words House Competition Winners

Mrs L Fox, Literacy Leader. writes:

On Thursday 5th March, students gathered in the LRC to await the results of the competition that was launched at the beginning of February. This competition was for budding writers to complete an original short story of 500 words or less.

We had a range of entries from Year 7 through to Year 10, demonstrating the creative skill and passion of our students. The storylines were extremely diverse, ranging from vegetable superheroes to killer diseases.

While we were waiting to find out the bronze, silver and gold winners, students and teachers were tense with anticipation. There were dramatic readings of the winning stories by members of staff, for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

The winners were:


Gold Taylor Ward, 7A read by Mrs Fox
Silver Enzo Varhelyi, 7A read by Ms Wilson
Bronze Ihsan Uddin, 7A read by Mr O’Connor


Gold Keziah Long, 10A read by Mr Bishop
Silver Ruby Wilkinson, 10K read by Mrs James
Bronze Reece Ogeer-Ali, 9BM read by Mr Maidment

Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to all of the students who entered the competition.

Mrs Armitage, Ms Wilson and I were very proud and privileged to see the talent we have at Stanborough.

500 Words 2020 1w


House Comp Jan2020 HPC

House Competition

H Carter, Art, Design & Technology Teacher, writes:

If you could have one superpower, and use it to make a positive impact
on the planet, what would it be?

Write a short poem to tell us all about your power and how it would make a difference to the planet. What issue would you tackle? What superpower do you need to do that?

“Imagining that I have a super-power helps me to keep raising awareness and celebrating the amazing planet we all share. For me, creativity is anything from singing along to a pop song, to writing poems – it’s anything that makes me feel energised and engaged with the world and people around me.”

Points are awarded for a well presented piece of writing and neatly added illustrations.

Use your best vocabulary to wow the judges!

Deadline is Monday 10th February!

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World Book Day – Stanborough House Competition

The competition is simple…write an original short story – it can be about anything you choose but no longer than 500 words.

Submit your typed story to literacy@stanborough.herts.sch.uk by Friday 20th February.

Stories written by students in Year 7 and 8 will also be entered into the Radio 2 competition!

Winners will receive Bronze, Silver and Gold prizes for KS3 and KS4 and the winning stories will also be read aloud by a teacher of your choice and recorded as a podcast.

Winners will be announced on World Book Day – Thursday 5th March 2020.

Good luck!

World Book Day – 5th March 2020

World Book Day 2020As well as our House competition to write a 500 word story we will also all take part in a DEAR time to enjoy ready, teachers will be in fancy dress as a character from literature and there’ll be a World Book Day quiz!

Christmas Card Comp 2019 1

Christmas Card Competition 2019

Miss A Barnard, Curriculum Leader: Art and Design Technology, writes:

Christmas Card Comp 2019 2Our annual Christmas card competition was launched a few weeks back in preparation for the published design to be the formal school Christmas card for 2019.  Students who entered the competition earned valuable house points and a silver award for participation.  As usual, students blew us away with some outstanding entries that oozed creativity and exceptional artistic ability.

As you may have seen via the Art, Design & Technology newsletter, the winning entries were announced last week with Ellie, 7B, taking first place!

Lucy Paris 13H took second prize and Matthew Humble 7HM received third.

Winning entries were also announced in last week’s house assemblies which took Hatfield’s house points to the top of the leader board!

Well done to all who have participated this year, a fantastic turnout and some wonderful artistic designs!

If you are yet to collect your certificate, please see Miss Barnard in T5.


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House Dance 2019

House Music 2019 4w

House Music Review 2019

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500 Word Short Stories

Mrs E. Daplyn, Assistant Headteacher, writes:

Many of you will have heard of the 500 word short story competition run by the BBC. This is a competition designed to encourage young students to put their creativity and writing skills to the test by writing an engaging and creative story in 500 words or less. We ran this as an in house competition at Stanborough and got some great entries. Congratulations to Maggie Moylan 7H and Reece Ogeer-Ali 8BM who came first in their respective year groups. Congratulations also to second place winner Nia Joshi 7OM and to Oscar Boyle 7B who came third in Year 7. In Year 8 Emilie Howard 8O came second and Mia Ruck 8K came third. We were impressed with how imaginative the stories were and the genres they covered, from fantasy to sci-fi. All those who won will receive a Headteacher’s commendation this week and a certificate in the end of term assembly. They will also have the opportunity to read their stories out to their year group in an assembly after Easter. Well done to our winners and all those that entered!


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500 Word Short Story House Competition

500 word short story comp 2019

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House Drama Review 2018