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500 Word Short Story House Competition

500 word short story comp 2019

Sopwell Chicago 2018w

House Drama Review 2018

House Dance 2018 9

House Dance 2018

House Dance 2018 box

House Dance: Thursday 18th October

House Dance Autumn 2018

House Music 2018 4w

House Music Review 2018


Mr C. Minion, House System Leader, writes:

This year around 120 students took part in the annual House Music Competition,  competing for the Dominic Caswell Trophy.

As in previous years, the Houses have to perform three pieces.

  1. The Choral Piece – a piece where houses can display their vocal and harmony prowess to the full (accompaniment/backing track allowed)
  2. The Instrumental Piece – live instruments only – no voices!
  3. The Free Choice – play anything, any combination of instruments/voices but it better impress!

No student could participate in the performance of more than two events (which includes conducting). Points were awarded for each event with a winner announced for each.

Other awards given were: Best Newcomer, Best Vocal Performance, Best Instrumental Performance, Mass Participation, Audience Prize, Special Award.

The winning House are the House with the most points at the end of the evening.

In between these rounds we had pieces by the Jazz Band and Uber Choir, Senior Choir, Stags and Vocailini, showing the variety and talent of students in the music department.

After a wonderful evening which encompassed all year groups and a huge variety of pieces, all chosen, arranged, directed and performed by the students we had our eventual winners.

The final positions after much deliberating were as follows:

1st : Ashridge
2nd : Knebworth
3rd : Brocket
4th : Hatfield/Sopwell
6th : Offley

Well done to all the students concerned and also thanks to the Sound and Light Crew, The Members of FOSS for supplying and serving refreshments, Mrs M Valentine for reprographics and Mr Crann and Mrs Jackson for their tireless work in the Music Department. If you haven’t yet visited www.stanboroughmusic.com for an insight into what goes on at Stanborough Music then please take time to have a look.


Y8 Volcano Cake Competition 2018

Calling all Year 8 Geography students!

Y8 Volcano Cake Competition 2018

House Drama 2017 2w

Stanborough House Drama Competition 2017

Mr S. McQueen, Subject Leader: Drama, writes:

House Drama 2017 1wStanborough School’s annual House Drama Competition took place at the end of last term and was a feast of theatrical accomplishment. Each of the six houses, (led by their Sixth Form House Captains), had to create, rehearse and then perform a piece of theatre lasting between 30-40 mins.

The Performances this year were:

AshridgeLights Out: a creepy supernatural horror adapted from a film exploring a shadowy creature attacking a group of school children and what they have to do to stop it.

BrocketBack to the Future: the 1980s classic time traveling comedy reimagined for the stage.

HatfieldThe Wizard of Oz: an adaptation of the famous book, musical and film exploring Dorothy Gale’s adventures in Oz.

Knebworth- In Time: a stage version of the science fiction film in which everyone stops ageing at 25, but life and time itself becomes currency.

OffleyOliver Twist: a stage adaptation of the classic Dickens’ novel, showing the troubles the orphan Oliver has with such characters as Fagin, Bill Sykes and The Artful Dodger.

SopwellThe Truman Show: an adaptation of the film showing the life of Truman Burbank, the unwitting star of an elaborate reality TV show.

All performances were creative, entertaining and a huge congratulations must go out to the House Captains for writing, adapting, directing and producing six excellent House Dramas.

A series of awards, the Stanborough Oscars if you will, are awarded by the judges for outstanding work or performance throughout the final performance day.

It was a hard-fought competition spread over 4 days. Myself and Mr Crann awarded up to 30 marks per house for the first three days; based on their work back-stage, their work with the Sound and Light Team and the performances that they gave.

The awards given were:

The Sound & Light Award: Dan Paget, Knebworth, for planning and programming all the lights for all the performances.

Best Sound and Light in performance:  Ashridge, for their use of special effects in Lights Out.

Best Newcomers: James Flint, Abbie Woolner, Phoebe Wilkins, Hatfield, for playing Munchkins, Flying Monkeys and Emerald City Guards and Citizens.

Best Cameo Role: Callum Kirwan, Hatfield, for playing The Wicked Witch of the West.

Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Rowe, Ashridge, for playing Dan.

Best Supporting Actress: Caitlin Maciver, Knebworth, for playing the Time Keeper.

Best Actor: Sam Baird, Knebworth, for playing Will Salas.

Best Actress: Georgia Burgess, Hatfield, for playing Dorothy Gale.

Best Direction: Jasmine Gaydon and Lily O’Keeffe,  Hatfield.

It was a hard-fought competition spread over four days. Myself and Mr Crann awarded up to 30 marks per house for the first three days based on their work back-stage, their work with the Sound and Light Team and the performances that they gave.

100 marks were awarded on the final day by our two judges. This year Mr Brown and Ms McCarthy judged the final performances and a tough decision it was for them, with first and second place being separated by just one point.

The final scores were:

1st :  Knebworth, 116 points

2nd : Hatfield, 115 points

3rd : Ashridge, 111 points

4th : Offley, 98 points

5th Sopwell, 93 points

6th : Brocket 91 points

Special thanks must go to Mr Brown and Ms McCarthy as our judges and extra-special thanks to Mr Crann and the Sound and Light Team for all their hard work.

Finally, huge congratulation once again to the directors, cast and back stage teams for each of the six houses for creating six wonderful performances. Well done.