Christmas Card Comp 2019 1

Christmas Card Competition 2019

Miss A Barnard, Curriculum Leader: Art and Design Technology, writes:

Christmas Card Comp 2019 2Our annual Christmas card competition was launched a few weeks back in preparation for the published design to be the formal school Christmas card for 2019.  Students who entered the competition earned valuable house points and a silver award for participation.  As usual, students blew us away with some outstanding entries that oozed creativity and exceptional artistic ability.

As you may have seen via the Art, Design & Technology newsletter, the winning entries were announced last week with Ellie, 7B, taking first place!

Lucy Paris 13H took second prize and Matthew Humble 7HM received third.

Winning entries were also announced in last week’s house assemblies which took Hatfield’s house points to the top of the leader board!

Well done to all who have participated this year, a fantastic turnout and some wonderful artistic designs!

If you are yet to collect your certificate, please see Miss Barnard in T5.