House Dance 2017 1

House Dance 2017

Miss F. Smith, Subject leader: Dance, writes:

This year’s House Dance took place during the evening of Monday the 6th November. As usual, there was a great atmosphere and a real sense of excitement and support from each House and our audience. It was an extremely successful show, completely choreographed by the students, with great leadership from our House captains. We had over 90 students involved in the competition, which is the largest number since the competition began six years ago. Each year the standard of the performances improves, with students being responsible for all of the costumes, lighting and sound, make up and, of course, choreography.

Each House carefully picked a theme for their dances. This year’s themes were: Ashridge – Musicals, Brocket – Iconic, Hatfield – Royalty, Knebworth – The Circus, Offley – Angels and Devils, Sopwell – Once Upon a Time

Performance awards were given to the following students:

Faith Beckles, for her engaging and frightening portrayal of Maleficent in her solo for Sopwell House. Knebworth’s Tatiana Lwin and Megan Kwashi, for their ring leader duet.

Choreography awards went to:

Ashridge House, for best choreography.

Offley House, for their emotive small group choreography.

Props and costume award went to:

Brocket House, who used props in all three dances (yes, I’m counting the Can-Can skirts!), which added to the choreography and theme of each number.

Best newcomer award went to;

Pheobe Wilkins in Hatfield, for committed and engaging performances –well done!!

After arguably the closest competition yet, there was a great deal of discussion and deliberation. The eagerly awaited results were:

1st – Ashridge – Three contrasting dances that linked clearly to their theme of ‘Musicals’, each piece was visibly well rehearsed, with a very high standard of performance. The duet and tap solo had excellent technique and performance, with the group number displaying great choreography and a real sense of fun, (we wanted to be dancing with them!)

2nd – Offley – An excellent standard of performance and clear link to the theme of ‘Angels and Devils’. A real highlight being their small group number with excellent performances from all five dancers. They also did well with a very large ensemble piece.

3rd – Brocket – Great re-creation of iconic dances, a very strong solo performance… with a few extras. Good sense of fun throughout and excellent props. Three well-rehearsed dances that were a real hit with the audience. Well done for scaring one of the judges!

4th – Sopwell – A good response to their theme of ‘Once Upon a Time’, a very strong solo performance and a well thought out large group number, including effective choreographic devices –very dramatic and unexpected at times!

5th – Knebworth – Another fun theme, the duet had great energy and dynamic qualities, both excellent performers. The solo and group were clear responses to their theme.

6th – Hatfield – A fun response to their theme of ‘Royalty’, lovely to see lots of new faces taking part this year. Roll on next year, Hatfield!

A huge well done to all the students involved. The evening showcased the depth of talent at Stanborough and the commitment and organisational skills of our students. It was particularly impressive seeing our House captains, many of whom are not dancers themselves, producing such fantastic displays. The wonderfully supportive atmosphere and standard of the show was noted by parents and staff who attended.

Thanks to Mr Crann and his fantastic sound and light crew for their organisation and efforts leading up to and during the event. Thanks also to our judges, Miss McLean and Miss Russell, who provided their expertise at the event. Let’s invite them back next year!

And a special mention to Stephanie Conder as Leading House Ambassador for her excellent work behind the scenes.

Thanks to Mr Minion, who expertly compered the event, and of course all the parents and staff who came along to support.