P16 Making the most of half term Oct2018 3w

Making the most of half term

Edgar Kager, 13H, writes:

During half term Joseph Lowton and I were given the fantastic opportunity to spend time gaining work experience from one of the school governors.

Jon Earnshaw, CTO of Pi Datametrics, was more than happy to take us on for four days at his London based cloud software consultancy office to learn the practicalities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

However, during our four days we were not just limited to that.

One of the major contributions from our time there was digging through a recently conducted research paper on the state of voice search. This is because it is predicted by artificial intelligence experts that by 2020 half of search volume will be voice search.

Jon described our ability to carefully extract data and information from this research paper as extremely useful for shaping how he will approach clients of Pi Datametrics and as a knock on effect how companies will more accurately cater to consumers using voice chat.

We also aided in the creation of a more comprehensive questionnaire that would be used to develop a deeper understanding of the uses of voice chat in cooking, such as searching up recipes and news.
In between these times we were also educated in some of the common issues of SEO and the elaborate and complicated software that Pi Datametrics uses to reverse engineer Google and improve the competitive edge of their clients on the platform.

In between this we were invited into meetings that involved massive brands such as Dyson and Whitbread (they own both Costa Coffee and Premier Inns). Here we were given a taster into Earnshaw’s pitch and presentation style and the key issues present in these companies’ websites that was losing them visibility on the search engine Google.

On our final day we were challenged to create a similar pitch presentation for the rising online investment management company Nutmeg. All our hard work certainly paid off because at the end of the day when we showed Mr Earnshaw our presentation he said he would personally use it and that it was higher quality than some of the work by postgraduates for his company that he has seen before. Principles of SEO that took months for some of his employees to grasp was condensed and learnt swiftly within those four days by us.